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Nomos Ludwig Limited Edition Watch For Timeless Luxury Watches

Nomos Ludwig Limited Edition Watch For Timeless Luxury Watches Watch Releases

Timeless Luxury Watches is proud to announce our newest collaboration with Nomos Glashutte, the Timeless Ludwig! Nomos has been a terrific partner for limited editions in the past and our new Nomos Ludwig is no exception. We’ve designed three different Clubs and two Orions with Nomos, but for this project we wanted to take on another model we felt went too often overlooked: the Ludwig. While the Nomos Orion was, and remains, very popular on its own, and the Club still receives attention thanks to Nomos’ recent Aqua updates, the Ludwig unfortunately suffered a different fate, being perceived as a sort of Roman numeral companion piece to the iconic Tangente and Tangomat models. But the Ludwig is more than just a Tangente with Roman numerals, as it has unique attributes all its own. Thus, we turned our attention to the Ludwig.

Nomos Ludwig Limited Edition Watch For Timeless Luxury Watches Watch Releases

As is usually the case for our designs, when we take on a particular watch, we want to enhance what we feel are its dominant qualities. When we decided to do a limited edition run of Clubs, for instance, we wanted to focus on their casual character to differentiate them from other Nomos watches. To do that, we decided to use a blue dial and red accents (yellow was also available later), as well as an unusually large amount of lume for a Nomos. For the Orion, however, we went the opposite way, attempting to highlight its status as the dressiest Nomos by giving it an elegant blue sunburst dial, coupled with either silver or gold accents. The Ludwig, conversely, is also quite dressy, but we felt that its Roman numerals really brought out a classical, and, well, timeless, character that we wanted to emphasize.

To accomplish that, we once again approached the model from a minimalist perspective, which meant going with a no-date version of the Ludwig. Being a Nomos, however, there isn’t much work to be done in removing excess – the brand just doesn’t have any to begin with. That allowed us to really focus our efforts on the dial. Unlike most Nomos dials, this one isn’t silver, but a beautiful glossy white lacquer, not visually unlike what you’d find on enamel-dial watches. There’s such a connection in the watch world between dials like this and traditional design that it only made sense to utilize it here.

Nomos Ludwig Limited Edition Watch For Timeless Luxury Watches Watch Releases

Like every Timeless limited edition, we’ve included blue accents wherever we could. Working with a white lacquer dial gave us a great opportunity to make every element of the face a subtle hue of our favorite color. The hands, of course, remain heat blued, something of a staple at Nomos already, but the Roman numerals and hour markers are also now in a deep, dark blue that was inspired by the elegant Credor Eichi II. Less crucial markers, like the railroad indices around the dial, are in a lighter hue, which helps to emphasize the Roman numerals and hour markers. The Timeless Ludwig is perhaps the model that stays truest to the source material of any limited edition we’ve made, and yet we also find it to be one of the boldest. The stark contrast between the gleaming white lacquer dial and blue accents is really quite beautiful.

Nomos Ludwig Limited Edition Watch For Timeless Luxury Watches Watch Releases

Given our fondness for no-date watches, it won’t be a surprise that we’re once again using the venerable modified Alpha hand wound calibre, a Nomos staple enhanced by their newest swing system technology. We’re big fans of hand wound movements at Timeless, so when we can offer them, we almost always do. Nomos movements in particular have been very reliable and stable, and the modified Alpha has already proven itself to us and fans of our previous limited edition Nomos watches. As precise a movement as it is, it’s even better known for its understated beauty and fine finishing, made all the easier to appreciate without a rotor in the way. Naturally, we used a sapphire back on this model so as not to hide the work of art within.

Nomos Ludwig Limited Edition Watch For Timeless Luxury Watches Watch Releases

The modified Alpha is also very thin at only 2.6mm, allowing the Ludwig case to be just 6.8mm thick, a pleasant surprise in a world increasingly filled with 14mm (or more) thick cases. The watch is built on the 38mm Ludwig case, which really sets itself apart from similar models like the Tangente thanks to its relatively curved lugs. We once again decided to focus on the 38mm size because we felt that it makes the watch available to the widest variety of collectors, and because the 38mm size is just a great size in general for a modern dress watch.


• Timeless Ludwig Limited Edition
• 40 pieces total
• White lacquer dial
• Modified Alpha hand-wound movement
• 38mm stainless steel case
• Black leather strap
• Choice of 3 different strap lengths
• Expected December 2017
• $2,460 Price
• Free domestic shipping
• $50 international shipping

Nomos Ludwig Limited Edition Watch For Timeless Luxury Watches Watch Releases

For our Timeless Ludwig, less is more. A very thin case, no date, and plenty of clean space on the dial coalesce to provide something refreshingly simple. Unfortunately, there are also fewer Timeless Ludwigs than most of our other designs, with only 40 being produced total. The price for this new limited edition is $2,460 USD, just $200 more than the regular Nomos Ludwig 38. Please click here to pre-order the Timeless Ludwig.

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  • Berndt Norten

    When Nomos appeared on the scene I thought it was a refreshing company. But now the designs are just so stale, predictable, unadventurous. Moving on.

    • Raymond Wilkie

      Stop knocking my patter. ( local colloquialism ). 🙂

    • Solloshi B. Hawkins

      C’mon, man. Don’t stop knocking my patter. Do I look straight?

      • Berndt Norten

        I can’t see you. You’re only coming through in right angles

      • Berndt Norten

        Pithy patter, pithy patter….

  • Luciano

    Nomos has some interesting offers, but this color combination (or lack of it) is not one of them.

    • Berndt Norten

      And the Roman numerals don’t go with the Bauhaus motif

  • Mikita

    I like it. I believe that paper-white dial + heated blue hands is winning formula for over the century long. But agree with Berndt – they are starting to overmilk the design. This watch is from 1994:–id7282117.htm

    • Raymond Wilkie

      That’s a link to a different watch. What do you want when you buy a Nomos ? A few tweeks here and their and you have another lovely watch. Sadly it’s just too small.

      • Mikita

        I just mentioned that NOMOS have been working with this aesthetics from 90s. Small? Don’t think so: actually, white dial + very very thin bezel make it look much bigger than it is. Don’t compare it to watches with thicker bezels – it’s a different story.

      • Berndt Norten

        Raymond is so big!

        • Tornyi Barnabás az isten

          Larger than life.

  • Dakota Dennison

    Would have been nice to see a date version offered as well. This is my favorite Nomos, however needs to have a date.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    Quick ! give something away, it’s dead in here.

  • SuperStrapper

    Nomos, horology’s favourite sleeping pill.

    • Berndt Norten

      Yes I’m coming to see it that way. Much ado about nothing

  • Bozzor

    I am going to coin a new phrase here: “Bauhaus Romanticism”™

  • Sheez Gagoo

    Would be so much better with an enamel dial. But nice, like it. My favourite Nomos is the Ahoi.


    I am bored already

    • Berndt Norten

      You’re bored.

      You’re the Chairman of the Bored.

  • Dave Pryor

    Why not have Roman numerals in all twelve positions on the dial? I think it would be interesting.

    • David Williams

      I suggest that this configuration – with the watchmaker’s IIII – gives a more even symmetry, in comparison with an all-twelve layout. Consider the IIII, VIII and XII – the way in which they relate to each other, and have a similar visual weight, gives the dial a pleasing stability, with more “visual ballast” in the lower half.

  • Amit Menachemi

    I dont understand, how do you know when to wind a manual winding watch (unless you have a reserve indicator) ??? also, why NOMOS goes for the 38mm small dial, in most of their watches, which I think is out-dated for men, the minimum should be 40mm…

    • ???

      Just wind the watch at similar time of the day(before sleep or after getting up).

    • Some people have small wrists?

    • PR

      Wind it before you wear it simple

    • DeepEye

      ‘you think’. That’s right.
      Most men don’t have tree trunks for arms, and a 36-38mm bezel-less watch is big enough. in an elegant watch the lug-to-lug distance has to be smaller than the height of the wrist. it doesnt have to look like a dinner plate.

  • PR

    So now everyone is doing white lacquer dial LE Nomos? You are going to lose exclusivity if you all end up sharing the same theme, I’m surprised the brand agreed to this when the Topper White lacquer dial with blue hands LE world timer just released which was thematically similar to this and their previous LE Tangente.

    What next a Govberg white lacquer LE Ludwig?

  • Solloshi B. Hawkins

    Bauhaus pumkin!

  • Vince

    great watch perfection

  • Ulysses31

    Timeless tedium.