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With the recent launch of eBay’s Authenticity Guarantee, every $2,000+ watch is authenticated to allow you to shop the wide variety of watches offered with confidence. After purchasing a watch that is covered by the Authenticity Guarantee, it will be shipped to eBay’s partner third-party authenticator. The authenticator will perform a multi-point inspection on the item, re-package it in new, premium eBay packaging, and send it to you using insured and expedited shipping. With the watch, you’ll receive an authenticity report card that verifies the product, which can also be used to further boost future resale value. The cost of all of this is covered by eBay, too.

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We thought it would be a fun exercise to build up a virtual collection using watches that qualify for eBay’s program. The world is opening up, and you might need to refresh your wardrobe to look good in public! The watches chosen will create a collection to cover any situation you’ll encounter in style, whether you are just starting out or need one or two pieces to fill out your existing lineup.

Since we know that there are some hardcore watch collectors in our audience, we’ve selected five watches that a real watch fan would buy. Watch enthusiasts are often drawn to watch models, or even entire brands, that are less commonly found in stores or seen in the wild. Depending on where you live, you might be forced to head off the beaten path to find an authorized dealer of one of these brands (another way that eBay can help). These watches often have unique case construction, styling, and possibly an in-house movement produced by the brand. They will fly under the radar of the casual observer but will be sure to catch the eye of another collector. We’ve suggested five such watches that fit into the following categories: Office, Dress, Travel, Beater, and “GADA” (Go Anywhere, Do Anything).

Nomos Club Sport Neomatik

Office watch: Nomos Club Sport Neomatik 42mm

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With many of us returning to a physical office after a long stretch of working from home, we might be feeling out of practice with getting dressed in the morning. Sorry, folks, but that old pair of sweatpants isn’t a good look when you’re sitting in your performance review. To help tie your new outfit together, why not pick out a watch to help you feel confident in your first face-to-face meeting in a while? The Nomos Club series is a versatile watch that will fit in at many offices. It can be worn with business wear when you’re meeting with clients but also cover you on casual Fridays. The series has been produced in a variety of colors and sizes depending on your workplace dress code, but the Sport Neomatik 42mm is a great option. It has a black dial that will fit in anywhere, with any attire. It has a date display for keeping track of your schedule, and it even comes with the beautiful and comfortable Nomos stainless steel bracelet. Another plus is that its great legibility will allow you to take a peripheral glance at the time without your client noticing. The icing on the cake is the Nomos DUW 6101 movement that features a forward and backward quickset date, with a window pushed all the way to the edge of its large dial. eBay has a number of different Nomos Club watches available that can be seen here.

zenith elite classic

Dress Watch: Zenith Elite Classic

If going into an office feels foreign right now, attending a formal event might feel downright alien. Having the right watch will help boost your confidence, though, and the Zenith Elite Classic is a great option. Its 40.5mm diameter is a good size for many wrists, and even though it has a transparent caseback, Zenith’s ultra-thin in-house Elite 670 movement allows the entire watch to measure a slim 9.45mm-thick — perfect to slip under any cuff. The Classic features a beautiful sunray dial that will be even easier to admire with an anti-reflective coating on both sides of its sapphire crystal.  A blue leather strap complements said dial perfectly. Made from 144 components, the 670 movement has 50 hours of power reserve and operates at 28,800 vph. Visit eBay to view available Zenith Elite Classic watches.

grand seiko spring drive gmt sbge255

Travel: Grand Seiko SBGE255

Whether for business or leisure, it’s likely that you are also looking forward to taking a trip this summer. We find it useful to have a watch that can track multiple time zones in these situations, and Grand Seiko builds some of our favorite watches that do exactly that. Coming in at 40.5mm in diameter with a new colored ceramic bezel, the SBGE255 fits the bill as a travel watch for a lot of people. We love its spring drive movement with a perfectly smooth sweep of the second hand and independently adjusted hour hand. The beautiful dials on these models finish off the look. Great lume and 200m of water resistance, combined with a clean look mean that it’s also versatile. Another plus you might not have considered: If your travel takes you to locales with higher crime rates, the brand name will fly under the radar better than a travel watch from another brand. This Grand Seiko Spring Drive variant is available in a number of colors, all of which can be viewed at this eBay link.

Beater Watch: Doxa SUB 300

Some collectors might be uncomfortable using a luxury watch as a beater, but if built right, many can stand up to it. Scratches add character, and it is a good way to create memories with a watch that you plan to keep for a lifetime. Of course, you also want something that looks good on the wrist and will be enjoyable to wear. For this use case, the Doxa Sub 300 is a great option. Its solid stainless steel case and bezel, as well as its sapphire crystal, should stand up to impact. If your activities involve water, don’t worry — it’s water-resistant to 300 meters. At 42.5mmm in diameter, the 300 is smaller and has a more svelte appearance compared to the 300T. Its boxed crystal also gives it a more vintage look, and these watches are available in a number of fun dial colors. The Doxa might be the only watch on this list without an in-house movement, but a beater watch should have a workhorse under the hood, and its ETA 2824 is COSC Chronometer-certified. You can view available Doxa SUB series watches with the authenticity guarantee on eBay at this link.

GODA (Go Anywhere, Do Anything) Watch: Tudor North Flag

We always prefer to wear the perfect watch for the situation, but it’s important to have one “jack of all trades” for times when carrying multiple pieces is not an option. If you’re in need of a watch like that, the Tudor North Flag can fill that void. Its rugged stainless steel and ceramic construction and 100m of water resistance should hold up to outdoor adventures, but its integrated bracelet (or leather strap) and 40mm size mean that it can pull off dressing up in a pinch. Tudor is a brand loved by watch collectors, but the North Flag fell under the shadow of its more popular diver collections. Most people missed the boat, and only the most hardcore watch fans have realized what it has to offer. Tudor’s first-ever in-house movement, the MT5621, offers chronometer accuracy plus 70 hours of power reserve (which is indicated on the dial). Plus unlike with most other Tudor models, you can see said movement through the transparent caseback. Tudor recently discontinued these, so it might not be a bad idea to pick one up now before the market figures out what it missed the first time around. Tudor North Flag watches available with eBay’s Authenticity Guarantee can be seen here.

The Full Collection

We love the option of buying a unique watch with confidence and had a lot of fun building up this virtual collection with eBay’s Authenticity Guarantee. What do you think of our choices? While we don’t expect many people to buy five watches in one sitting, are you interested in adding any of them to your watch box? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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