The case is water resistant to 50m and is topped with a domed sapphire crystal. Yes, the crystal could use more AR-coating, but overall the presentation of the dial is nice. I will, however, say that the depth of the dial in the case is too much. The sidewalls of the case are too long and the dial should have been placed just a bit closer to the crystal in my opinion. One reason for this is that the steep drop and design of the crystal mean that most of the time when you view the dial, it has a ring-shaped shadow around the dial.

Customization features are plenty, even if there aren’t too many choices for each. When going through the design process, one yearns for more options, which is probably a good thing since it means Objest has done something right. In particular, I would like to see a lot more dial options made available. Granted, these need to be prototyped and produced, but I think that Objest would be wise to come out with new limited edition dials all the time.

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For the mostly nontraditional watch lovers that are going to be buying an Objest, I think the variety of options is just fine. Basically, all the customers are buying the same look, but just want to make sure it matches their own personality a little bit better. Again, this is all about how cleverly brands today can make a single product feel very diverse.

Lovers of functional items we use regularly that are poured over with a sense of modern design will swoon for something like the Objest. It might not be the last watch they ever fall in love with (I hope not), but it has a familiar looking, yet novel appeal and high-quality construction that will land it on enough wrists. Even at their sub $1,000 prices, this is a premium product for the segment. Objest probably could get away with charging a little bit less for the watch, but given the effort needed to make sure suppliers don’t give you a crappy product, I will say that the Objest team likely deserves this kind of money for their work. Nevertheless, watch purists will decry these as having no tool watch value and thus determine that they’re not worth their attention. That may be so, but I would encourage all mechanical watch lovers that anyone entering the watch industry from the outside places not only a needed injection of energy and creativity but also a necessary contribution to the larger demand engine that keeps “old-style” wristwatches even somewhat relevant.

I personally am not the target demographic for an Objest customizable Hach Automatic watch. I can appreciate its design relevancy and merit as a decently made entry-level mechanical Swiss Made watch, though the window of time in my life when I would have worn something like this has passed. That, of course, leaves it open for tons of people who will enjoy wearing this watch as a means of having something hip, but also something that can turn into a good conversation about anything from it being mechanical to the parts personalization process.

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The integrated leather strap is nice, but doesn’t come out easily unless you unscrew the back. Thus, my second major issue with the Objest Hach Automatic is that they don’t make it easy for the customer to change out straps. This is often part of the experience of wearing a watch that looks nice on multiple straps (which the customization system makes clear). It can therefore feel a bit limiting that even if you get the right additional strap, you need screwdrivers and skills to complete that project on your own.

Objest deserves attention from hipsters who want technical merit and meaning behind the otherwise design-driven items they love to buy. The Objest Hach is also a timepiece that watch lovers can approve of, but probably not wish to wear themselves unless they are deeply moved by the design. Prices for Objest customizable automatic watches start at £490 and depending on the parts options, they can go up to £670.

Necessary Data
>Brand: Objest
>Model: Customizable Hach Automatic
>Price: £490 – £670
>Size: 42mm wide
>Would reviewer personally wear it: Sometimes.
>Friend we’d recommend it to first: Anyone who spends at least an hour a week doing something related to or in appreciation of modern art or design. This is a watch for aesthetic trendsters who want something cool but also cutting edge.
>Best characteristic of watch: Good quality construction and spirited design that feels excited about the genre instead of trying to exploit the theme. Possible to make a variety of hip looks for both men and women with a single core aesthetic.
>Worst characteristic of watch: Expensive when compared with a lot of the “style watch” market. A downside of being quirky is that not quite enough people will find the perfect option at the brand. Objest is a good idea that if given time, could grow to offer options for other types of watch lovers. Dial is a bit too deep set into case. Strap attachment system limits style versatility value.

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