I am typically not one for celebrity gossip. As far as I am concerned, celebrities, for the most part, are just like you and me, but less intelligent, with more money, and with lots more free time on their hands. But when you combine watches and celebrities I get a bit interested, if not for sheer voyeuristic intentions.

Here is a little enjoyable blog about celebrities and their Rolex watches. Some shots are glamorous, some are less than so. The bottom line is that these celebrities never seem to take their Rolex watches off. Don’t be impressed however when a celebrity chooses to wear a Rolex. They sure are nice watches, but they are basically the default “nice watch.” Sort of like “new money’s first luxury watch.” Never a bad choice, but not the only choice. Nevertheless, no true watch collection is complete without at least a handful of Rolex watches. Rolex sort of has you cornered like that, and celebrities too for that matter.

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What are some of the more interesting shots/stories at the DJB Watches Blog? Well I love the one about OJ Simpson and his fake Rolex. In an attempt to seize his property to satisfy civil court judgments, it was discovered that his solid gold-looking Rolex Submariner was a fake. Wise move by OJ? Or was he duped? Hard to tell. Funny thing is that if the Rolex Submariner was a steel model, it would have been shielded from being seized by not being worth enough. Maybe the fact that OJ owned it changed the value? Interesting to think about.

There is something satisfying on an innate level when it comes to seeing celebrities enjoy something you like as well. It is also possible, to a degree, to live vicariously through those people who can afford the watches we cannot. For whatever reason it is be it: style, quality, function, or advertising, everyone wants a Rolex.

See DJB Rolex Watch Blog here.

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