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Timeless Luxury Watches is very proud to announce our first limited edition collaboration with Oris, the Swiss maker of exclusively mechanical watches. For our first Oris project, we wanted to create an ideal vintage diver, a possibility that presented itself thanks to the use of their fantastic Oris Divers Sixty-Five as a canvas.

This is also the first time we’ve worked with bronze, although, like some other Oris models, we’ve done it in a relatively reserved way. Most of the case remains stainless steel, but the rotating bezel is done in bronze, which creates a subtle two-tone appearance. We felt that the bronze coloration worked particularly well with the green dial. While at 40mm it’s one of our larger limited editions, we believe that this is an ideal size for a dive watch in an industry altogether too cluttered with 44mm and larger dive watches.

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Perhaps the biggest change in the new Timeless Sixty-Five is the removal of the date complication. We felt that, at least for our purposes, the date was an unnecessary feature and it got in the way of basic tool watch objectives like legibility and simplicity. The dial received the most attention. For starters, we wanted to use a green dial that uniquely symbolized diving environments. To do that, we designed a grainy, dark green dial which gets even darker towards the edge.

The hour markers used are not derived from the regular Sixty-Five line, but from the Carl Brashear limited edition, albeit with some modifications. For one thing, since this is a no-date version, we’ve added a linear 6:00 marker, but for another, we’ve used white luminescent paint on the hands and markers instead of the bronze-colored lume from the original. The bronze writing on the dial replaces the Brashear’s white, which complements the bronze bezel.

The display at night should be slightly more impressive, thanks to that additional marker.

In order to better suit the watch for aquatic use, we’re also including Oris’ tropic rubber strap. Not only does it look right on this limited edition, but it should hold up to water exposure much better than the leather strap.

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Oris Timeless Sixty-Five

  • 40mm steel case with bronze bezel
  • Limited edition of 100 pieces
  • Leather strap + rubber strap
  • Oris 733 automatic
  • Green dial
  • No date
  • $2,200

Each of the 100-piece limited edition Oris Timeless Sixty-Five watches will be $2,200. We’re very excited to work with Oris on this project and can’t wait to do a full review of the watch when they arrive. Click here to order yours. timelessluxwatches.com

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