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Panerai Introduces Two Classic Radiomirs In The PAM931 And PAM992

Panerai Introduces Two Classic Radiomirs In The PAM931 And PAM992 Watch Releases

Panerai has four main collections: Luminor, Luminor Due, Submersible, and Radiomir. But if you ask me, I think there should be five. You see, there are actually two very distinct types of Radiomir watches. The classic Radiomir with wire lugs and the Radiomir 1940 with fixed lugs. Lately, the brand’s focus seems to be on the Radiomir 1940 so it’s good to see Panerai giving love to the classic Radiomir. Say hi to the new Radiomir 8 Days PAM992 and the Radiomir California PAM931.

Panerai Radiomir 8 Days PAM992

The two watches have special aged treatments to give them a strong vintage look. Let’s begin with the smaller Radiomir 8 Days PAM992. As I mentioned earlier, this comes in a Radiomir case with wire lugs. The case measures 45mm-wide, and it features what Panerai calls “316L aged steel.” It isn’t obvious from press photos, so I’m eager to see what this treatment is like in the flesh. Complementing the vintage look of the case is a domed sapphire crystal.

Panerai Introduces Two Classic Radiomirs In The PAM931 And PAM992 Watch Releases

The black dial features a sandwich construction. There’s an upper disc with cutouts for the hour markers and subseconds. This then sits on top of a lower disc that’s filled with luminous material. This technique of dial construction was first seen in the Thirties and has become a signature of the brand.

The dial configuration is pleasingly symmetrical. There’s a sub-seconds at 9 o’clock and at 3 o’clock is an inscription that says “8 Giorni Brevattato.” This means “8 Days Patented” in Italian and it’s a reference to the movement within the watch and also vintage Panerai watches with Angelus movements. The PAM992 has blued hours, minutes, and seconds hand. To give it an even strong vintage look, it uses beige lume that approximates the look of aged radium.

Panerai Introduces Two Classic Radiomirs In The PAM931 And PAM992 Watch Releases

The movement inside the PAM992 is in-house calibre P.5000. This is Panerai’s entry-level hand-wound long power reserve movement. It beats at 3Hz and features a long power reserve of 8 days. Paneristis will also note from the caseback shot that the PAM992 features a revised version of the P.5000 that has a full-bridge that covers all of the gear train. The earlier version has an open-worked bridge that revealed the intermediate wheel.


Panerai Radiomir California 47mm PAM931

Panerai Introduces Two Classic Radiomirs In The PAM931 And PAM992 Watch Releases

The Radiomir Califonia 47mm PAM931 will be familiar to most Paneristis. Panerai has done a number of Radiomir watches with California dials in the past, but the PAM931 makes a strong case for being the most distinctive yet. This comes in a larger 47mm wide Radiomir case with wire lugs. Similar to the PAM992, the PAM931’s case is also what Panerai calls “316L aged steel.”

The distinctive thing about the dial is its color. It features a graduated brown dial that’s lighter in the center and darker at the edges. It’s supposed to mimic the look of vintage tropical dials. It has blued hour and minute hands. To complete the vintage look, it has beige lume and a Plexiglass crystal.

Panerai Introduces Two Classic Radiomirs In The PAM931 And PAM992 Watch Releases

Inside the watch is Panerai’s in-house calibre P.3000. This is a tried-and-tested handwound Panerai movement that is used in many other 47mm Panerai watches. It has a power reserve of three days and it beats at 3Hz. The P.3000 movement in the PAM931 is a newer version that has more elaborate bridges.

These two new watches are nice additions to the Radiomir family. Unfortunately, their designs aren’t exactly original. There have been numerous Radiomirs with California dials. And, the dial layout of the Radiomir 8 Days is actually borrowed from the Luminor Marina 8 Days Acciaio PAM590. If you remember, the PAM590 also features the “8 Giorni Brevattato” inscription and it also uses the calibre P.5000. Despite this, it’s still good to see Panerai giving some love to the classic Radiomir. After all, the Radiomir was the watch that started it all. The Radiomir 8 Days PAM992 is $8,500 and the Radiomir California 47mm PAM931 is $8,700. For more information, visit



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  • Pedro Lambareiro

    8k on that California dial AND no 8-day power reserve? Is that some shrewd Rolex thinking you’re adopting, Panerai?

  • SuperStrapper

    I WANT A NEW 1940!!! It’s like they’ll work every line except the one I’m interested in. C’mon.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    I will never understand how the California dial became a thing. It’s beyond me.

  • Joe

    Aside from the tendency of most of their models to be on the larger side, I want to like Panerai.
    However it’s easy to get lost in their naming conventions and it’s not always easy to differentiate between the similar models (a bit like Seiko, sometimes).

    Aside from some of their ultra-pricey models, it would be good to see more (movement / time-keeping) innovation in their lineup too, not just an iteration of the same technology in different cases.

  • PR

    That P5000 see thru caseback may well be one of the most pointless ever…until they start personalizing it… :O

    Richemont you can send me a PAM1392 as a thank you, cheers!

  • Independent_George

    As a Californian, I don’t think you are that far off. I

  • Agnar Sidhu

    As this is in California, I recon the response would be: Sweet dude!

  • Ugo

    also, i’m still wondering why those three baton indexes are of two different sizes and positions…

  • Swiss_Cheese

    It’s intended to be daft, it is a joke. I didn’t think it was that complicated, but If you need it explained, here goes:

    The first line, is in reference to the name of the dial – ‘California dial’, ergo, they most likely originated in California.

    The body text – the three styles of dial marking – Roman (I,II X,XI), Arabic (4,5,7,8) and Baton (the lines) that appear on the dial are assessed according to their virtues. The person assessing them is indecisive, in general, but specifically unable to select which style of marking to use thus deciding to use all three – hence all three styles appearing on the dial.

    It’s certainly not the best quality joke I grant you, I’ll put it in my ‘facetious jokes that fell flat’ pile and we’ll move on.

    • Raymond Wilkie

      I like my jokes cheaper.

    • egznyc

      Dude (another Californiaism), there’s no need to explain yourself. We – well most of us – get it. 😉

  • egznyc

    I don’t get it. These are big watches and I suppose some people are into that, but what else is there here? The first model has 8 days PR which is great, but the movement is fugly. Ok maybe I’m being harsh but it’s just nothing to look at. Might as well have a solid caseback. The second model is a little better on the back but this is an oxymoron of a watch: a two-handed sports watch?!?!

  • Agnar Sidhu

    I wonder how the Scottish dial will look?

  • •L•E•O•

    47mm, 45mm… Panerai should do Radiomirs in 40, I think they would sell them like croissants in Paris : a lot.

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