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The Paulson Watches Pearl Diver is the brand’s inaugural watch designed with a simple mission in mind: creating a capable dive watch that is lightweight and slim for a fair price. Founded by a husband and wife team with a passion for sports and diving, the Pearl Diver is a mechanical watch in a titanium case that takes an enduring dive watch design with stylistic touches that define this new brand.

The Pearl Diver is water resistant to 100m, which is of paramount importance to the brand’s founders who frequently dive and enjoy water sports. Additionally, the watch is outfitted with a unidirectional rotating ceramic bezel marked with lumed indices for easy reading in low-light situations. These facts are probably not surprising to anyone familiar with dive watches, but we also wanted to make sure that the Pearl Diver is wearable and attractive for more casual and formal situations.

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Using lightweight Grade 5 titanium, the 45 gram weight of the Pearl Diver is kept to half of what a steel watch weighs while being much tougher and scratch-resistant. That light weight makes it easier to comfortably do things like typing or running errands without being irritated by a heavy or bulky wristwatch. Furthermore, it was important to keep the thickness of the Pearl Diver at a height that allows it to hide under a sleeve rather than something resembling a hockey puck. At 10.7mm thick, there are not many mechanical dive watches out there that are slimmer at this price point.

On the dial are the polished, legible hands that are done in a blue Super-LumiNova, as is the “lollipop” shaped seconds hand. The design is kept simple and easy to read, but a subtle gradient black dial changes between various tones of grey and blue to keep things visually interesting and not flat. To ensure legibility and ease of reading, the sapphire crystal is treated with anti-reflective coating, so glare and bright situations are not a problem.

The Paulson Pearl Diver runs on a Japanese Miyota 9015 automatic movement. This 24-jewel movement can be hand wound and has a hacking seconds function, a 42-hour power reserve, and the Parashock anti-shock system. Reliable and tough, the 9015 can run for a weekend and is accurate to between -10 and -30 seconds per day.

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There is no shortage of capable divers out there, but the Pearl Diver is meant to be versatile which is why we include two straps with it. The black perlon strap is sporty and ideal for outdoor as well as water activities. For times like going to dinner or a night out with friends, the Italian black leather strap dresses the Pearl Diver up just enough. The signed buckle on both straps is done in Grade 5 brushed titanium.

The Paulson Watches Pearl Diver will launch in October on IndieGogo, with manufacturing beginning at the end of the campaign (expect about 3 months for the watch to be ready). The watch will retail for $395 plus shipping but we will reward the first 50 backers with a price of $199, the next 200 backers with a price of $229, followed by prices of $259, $279, and $299 for each batch of 200 backers. paulsonwatches.com

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