Perrelet Turbine XL America Limited Edition Watch

Perrelet Turbine XL America Limited Edition Watch

Perrelet Turbine XL America Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases

Apparently the 4th of July comes a bit late this year as Perrelet has just released a very American watch that celebrates our stars and stripes. See, if the Swiss can love America I am sure there is hope for our economy. Just send some of those excess Francs you guys keep whining about."Boohoo! Our money is sooo valuable!" They truly are an oppressed people.

Perrelet Turbine XL America Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases

This cool new watch makes me happy to look at and is a special rendition of the newer Turbine XL watch. Perrelet also released two special edition (also limited) Turbine (non XL) watches that I will discuss in another post. What is exactly is up with the comically buff Uncle Sam? Why is he so pissed off? And who does our patriarch of patriots wish to punch? At least we know he puts on a Perrelet when getting pugilistic.

The Turbine XL America (see more stuff here) is 50mm wide in DLC black coated steel (ref. A4015/1). The outer bezel has blue sections with white stars (50 of them! Notice how the sections have either 8 or 9 stars to achieve this number) while the dial under the spinning turbine has red and white stripes. The red, white, and blue theme works well, and for all its whimsy, this watch actually works and looks darn cool in my opinion.

Perrelet Turbine XL America Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases

Insider the watch is a Perrelet P-181 Double Rotor automatic movement which you can see through the rear of the watch. It is attached to a black rubber strap and is generally agreed to be comfortable and fun. Perrelet will produce just 777 pieces in this limited edition Turbine America collection. Price is $7,000.

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  • Ulysses

    Good god… Somewhere in the world there must be a watch that Ariel doesn’t like, but they are few and far between. I’m actually feeling sorry for a guy that doesn’t exist. Uncle Sam, my heart bleeds for you. You, who are meant to represent the fortitude, strength, honour and determination of an entire nation, have been reduced to a gaudy bauble by soft flabby capitalists with no concept of taste or respect. This isn’t a Swiss expression of love for America, it’s an insult.

    • In a culture where we paint our faces like the flag and wear them as capes, little is off limits when expressing patriotism. Why people get insulted when there is a flag on something like a watch is weird to me. We like to be silly and sometimes obnoxious, and that is what this watch is about. Not just the America version, but the Turbine in general. I like it for the boldness and the fun. I don’t take it too seriously which helps.

      There are a ton of watches I don’t like. Most;y I don’t write about them, and sometimes I do and pan them. This is an industry where negative reviews get you into a ton of trouble. I deal with it enough and try to focus on the watches that inspire me to say something. If you think I like everything start reading the watch magazines, and then see who sounds more down-to-earth. Or you could hang out with me and see how often I say “this watch is a total piece of crap.”

      Clearly this watch is indicative of the Swiss or French totally misunderstanding how people in the US like to celebrate America. I think that is clear. This watch doesn’t make me want to sing pro-American songs and shed sentimental tears. It is much more “America! Fuck yeah!” …as someone else pointed out. To be honest, I would rather wear it while in Europe to show people who loud we can be. There was a guy in law school who went to Europe and wore a custom shirt that said “Fuck you I am an American.” If you like that sentiment you can strap on one of these.. and then remind people “Swiss Made!”

      • Greg

        Hmmm, this “guy in law school” was you, wasn’t it Adams!
        Lovely story though, totally demolished my ‘all students are assholes’ theory…..

        • The dude wasn’t me but I admired the shirt. This was during the high-point of the world hates the US because of W. Bush era politics. He wasn’t a Bush fan, but was more defending Americans en masse.

          • Dean Grant Baker

            your comments re “how loud you can be” is the very definition of the term “UGLY AMERICAN” if there ever was one it’s you. No wonder the World hates the USofA. There’s a reason why most Americans try to hide that they’re Americans when they’re abroad, like sewing Canadian flags on their backpacks — and hence giving Canadians a bad name ta boot.

  • Greg

    Team America, F@#k Yeah!!

  • Hayyan

    Arrogant, chauvinistic, ugly, and uncle sam is broke and can’t afford it.

    • Uncle Sam has been cage fighting to make enough money to get one.

      • Dean Grant Baker

        he lost; badly; and now he looks like a strung out tweaker

        • With nationalized healthcare Uncle Sam could have a fighting chance to kick his habit.

  • Wow… I think this is possibly the most ridiculous watch I have ever seen… Oh! Do you think they’ll do a union jack version? 😉

    • Greg

      I hope so! I think the watch is actually quite cool but considering the treatment they gave to uncle sam we’ll probably end up being represented by either Clarence the cross-eyed lion or a gin soaked, street fighting queen victoria, so it might end in tears! 🙂

      • OK, never mind the watch now I just really want to see what a gin soaked, street fighting queen Victoria would look like!

        • Probably a lot like Chun Li, but with a more frilly dress and silly hat.

          • Greg

            Haha, probably a razor tipped crown in the spirit of oddjob!

  • Steve

    Why did they put those the stars on this? Had they left that off those 6 blocks of stars this would look pretty good with the red and white spinning turbine or maybe kept the red numbers and had a white and blue turbine. Something this tacky looking should never be as expensive as this.

  • kris c

    Cannot unsee!

  • P. Merle

    When Ariel doesn’t like a watch, you can read between the lines too.
    It’s understandable why most of the times he cannot say it explitcitly.

    • Thanks for getting it.

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  • Shane F

    OMG – I was on the fence about the turbine in general but this may have just subliminally killed my want for one :/ HORRID marketing… color scheme with flags is a mess… good writeup though!

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