…Watch movement…. No, I don’t just mean the watch movement that powers the watch. I mean something about these watches literally ‘moves’ in a playful sense to add interest and novelty to that watch. Men’s watches don’t really have things that just flail about, but women’s watches are meant to attract attention, both from the wearer, and her audience.

You’ll notice that these three watches heavily feature the use of diamonds. Well women do like diamonds, but there is another reason. Not to sound remedial, but people like diamonds because they shine. The shine comes from light refracting off the various flat planes on the cut gem. When you are inspecting a diamond, you gently turn it in the light to admire its sparkle. Using this same concept, the designers of these three watches specifically places diamonds on the moving parts so as to enhance the sparkle factor. I do hope that “sparkle factor” now becomes an industry terms.

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The first watch is a new release from Van Cleef & Arpels. The wonderful (and wonderfully expensive) French based brand never fails to release strikingly beautiful timepieces and jewelry. Their newest line are the “Charms” watch models, and are really something nice for the ladies. The round faced watches feature simply faces with a symbolic reminder of Van Cleef & Arpels clover shaped watches in the middle of the dial. The straps of the watch are interchangeable satin with leather. So you can choose different colors. You’ll notice around the outside of the bezel is a little diamond covered charm. It is attached to a free moving ring that runs around the circumference of the watch with gravity powering it.

Chopard Happy Diamonds

The watches can be attained in either white or rose gold, and in 32mm or 38mm sizes. Inside is a quartz movement in a thin profile.  Differing amounts of diamonds can be placed on the watches depending the severity of the sparkle factor (see, I used the term) that you wish for. Of course, the clover charm that revolves freely has diamonds on it, and that is the best part. This is a great pick for any woman.

Then you have what I consider to be one of the first ‘whimsy’ luxury watches that might have began the ‘movement’ trend in luxury women’s watches. I am speaking of the Chopard Happy Diamonds, and all the derivatives that came after it. This proved to be a very popular watch for Chopard with an endless amount of colors, sizes, and styles. What they all have in common are gold cases diamond studs that move freely in a compartment sandwiched between two sapphire crystals above the dial. While the effect hindered one’s view of the time, it was an interesting novelty that many adoring fans still covet today. Chopard has done an excellent job with this, and it is still one of their best sellers.

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Then you have something which takes an icon of a watch, and places a feminine twist on it, and adds to the sparkle factor of course. Perrelet is know to place a rotor on the inside of the watch dial. The rotor is part of the automatic movement which winds the watch. This way people can view the movement of the rotor which is usually hidden in the back of the watch. Cleverly, Perrelet has altered the rotor to appear like a diamond covered flower. The Diamond Flower watch is really beautiful in look and execution, and even has a rare sportiness associated with it. Probably because it is on a rubber strap, but that can always be changed. This is among the most attractive Perrelet watches available. The watch is 38mm, has an automatic mechanical movement (of course), and different colors and materials options are available.

Each of these watches are undeniably feminine, and obviously luxury watches with prices of $5,000 plus. There is a growing subset of the luxury market that places less emphasis on formality and more on whimsy and visual interest. They are all worth checking out.

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