Piaget Limelight Love Letter Secret watch on eBay

It’s true. Get this watch for your special lady and she won’t have anything to complain about. If she does, then I’d suggest giving the watch to another woman…any other woman. Say you are an uptight guy, and saying those three little words doesn’t come as easy as you would like. Maybe the whole tone of the Hallmark-iday just doesn’t leave a romantic taste in your mouth. Well you can buy your way out of this pickle, because dammit, she is going to expect too many loving words after receiving this gift. So why I am posting this ON Valentine’s day? A little to late you think. Well you will need to mull this one over until next year maybe cause it is certainly an investment. Or maybe you didn’t get anything yet today and probably need to buy yourself out of  some femme-anger.

This is one of the Piaget Limelight Love Letter Secret watches (pictured is Ref.  G0A34100). There are slight modifications to this design each year, but you get the idea. Pretty clever little number. The watch case is made out of 18k white gold and set with 130 brilliant cut diamonds to give it that sparkly look that no woman can resist. The top of the envelope has a ruby as the cabochon. If you can’t see the watch crown, it is because it is on the back of the watch. It isn’t the easiest to read, but who cares, This is basically “I love you” jewelry. Inside is a Piaget 56P quartz movement. The satin strap as more diamonds on the 18k gold strap.

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The allure of the watch is all in the message. Closed it says “Love,” followed by “You” when the watch is opened. The cursive script of the two worlds meld together nicely. The best part is that each time she need to check the time, she reads the message, “Love You.” Nothing expresses that statement better. For those who can afford it, this is a pretty darn perfect Valentines Day gift. Well over $10,000.

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