I had an opportunity to experience these watch trunks from Piaget a few months ago while some Piaget representatives where in San Francisco at a watch show. I was impressed that the company had these enormous custom made watch cases fit for a passenger on the Titanic. What I didn’t know was that enough people would declare “I want one,” sufficient for Piaget to go out and produce enough of them for sale to the semi-public. Well here you have it, the Piaget Collector’s Trunk is surely kit for a king, or any other manner of royalty (price to correspond).

These are very high quality watch cases, that you can travel with. Inside each closing trunk is room for 51 watches, complete with various display modules, watch winders, drawers, mirrors, and other features for the distinguished watch fetishist. Frankly, I’d love one of these trunks, but it will probably cost several times the value of a new luxury car. Piaget themselves only commissions the watch trunks. The actual manufacturer is the esteemed French trunk maker Pinel & Pinel. They’ve been at the trunk and luggage business for a while and seem to be the proper source for the Piaget Collector’s trunk. Other than watch travel trunks, they make some quirky travel trunks for the ultra privileged such as those containing entertainment systems, computer work stations, audiophile worthy stereo systems, and of course just simple travel implements. Oh, and one of their trunks is actually a terrarium. You know, for elitist lovers of pet reptiles and amphibians. Very nice stuff with the added perceived value of having a Piaget name on it!

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The trunks will be initially available for sale in limited quantities, but for the right portion of a small country’s GDP you can probably have one too. If Piaget has run out due to extreme demand, I am sure you can call up Pinel and Pinel and they will make one available (but perhaps without the Piaget logo branded on there).

So what can you do with a trunk like this? Well other than carry a lot of expensive watches with you where ever you go (assuming you have the cargo room for it), you can be sure that the trunk will put up with abuse, perhaps bullets and some light explosions. The trunk probably weights a ton, so good thing it is on wheels. Imagine having one of these at home, and you can wheel it out to the living room when guests come over and… yea impress and annoy at the same time! Why can’t everyone be watch lovers like us? Price is close to $80,000, but it does come with a remote to control the lighting.

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