For those of you in the know, Fallout 3 is the newest installation from Bethesda Softworks, and one of the most sophisticated and involving games out there. While no longer just for your computer, the Fallout games are set in an intriguing post apocalyptic universe where legacy technology mixes with nuclear mutants, in a role playing game where survival is based on a mix of innovative game play and tactical cleverness. If you are a gamer, or interested in the post apocalyptic genre, I highly recommend it.

A major aspect of the game is use of the Pip-Boy. In Fallout 3, it is the Pip-Boy 3000, after undergoing a bit of evolution, even though it is still technically old technology. The Pip-Boy is your all-purpose wrist-mounted information device. Think of it is a retro-futuristic PDA, on your wrist. You access most of the environmental and character data in the game via your character’s Pip-Boy 3000.

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Exciting the pants off of Fallout fans everywhere, game maker Bethesda announced a special edition collectors edition box set of the game that included, among other items, a “life size” replica of the Pip-Boy 3000 that could be worn on your wrist or placed in the stand as a desk clock. Images of the final version have not yet been released, so the images are either identical too, or very close to the final version (though some of the images here lack paint or the resulting detail).

While the replica will not have the same features as the “real” Pip-Boy 3000, such as a Geiger counter, and information about the terrain, your special abilities, or enemy weakness, it will have a functioning clock at the very least. You can tell how it opens up to allow it to fit over your wrist, and then snaps back into place. This is easily the best part, because you can actually wear the Pip-Boy 3000. This is going to be my daily watch for, probably a few years at least. Whether I am in a meeting at the office, or out on a date, I can be assured that people will notice my personal Pip-Boy 3000 and sigh with envy. “That guy is styling and prepared exiting the vault and existing in a post-nuclear war destroyed and barely rebuilt society, with mutants.” All I really need now is a watch fit for a zombie invasion, and I am set!

You can only get the Fallout 3 Survival Edition on, and it will be available for the PC, XBox 360, and PlayStation 3. Amazon is taking pre-orders now, and amounts are strictly limited, but expect a healthy market on eBay for these in the coming years. In addition to the Pip-Boy 3000 replica, the Survival Edition comes with a Vault Boy bobble head, Vault-Tec lunch box, “making of Fallout 3” DVD, 96-page hardcover art book, and the game of course. The price is $120-$130 depending on the system. Given that the game will cost $40-$60 on its own, and that these collectible items are actually only going to be manufactured one time, it is well worth the price in my opinion. Typically these special edition sets are not structured to be money makers, but more as a token of appreciation to dedicated fans, who being absent, would severely hinder the success of this wonderful role playing game franchise. It is truly a treat for the casual and hardcore gamer, among those who love novelty watches as well.

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Note that the images of the Pip-Boy 3000 replicas above are of unfinished pre-production models, so the actual Pip-Boy 3000 replicas will undoubtedly be really nice. Actually, Bethesda wanted the included Pip-Boy 3000 model to function with the game, providing a special information display, but the logistics with that got way to complex. Leave it to game developers to be extremely optimistic and zealous about items like this. I am pretty happy with what you will be able to get.

Read more directly from Bethesda Softworks about the development of the PipBoy 3000 with concept art here, and about the Fallout 3 Survival Collectors Edition here.

**Update: I now have Fallout 3 and the Pip-Boy 3000 replica! Click on the photograph above to read about it.**

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