While I have been giving Porsche Design a lot of positive attention for their retro-themed releases lately, this is a new model that is modern looking all around. Part of the P’6000 Dashboard collection this model is the P’6620 Dashboard Chronograph and comes in a slew of colors and styles.

In a sense, this design is a return to the instrument inspired minimalist functionalism that made the brand so popular in the first place. My favorite part of the P’6620 is the case design. In titanium or 18k rose gold it is 44mm wide and beautifully contemporary. Note that these pieces are all prototypes. The case is 14.5mm wide and combines a healthy amount of curves and sharp angles. I like the design of the lugs as well as the crown and chronograph pushers (especially how they work together). In brushed titanium or PVD black it looks best in my opinion.

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Dial colors really vary from a basic black or white, to other more interesting colors. Again, I tend to enjoy the most purist look of black or white for the best Porsche Design feel. The dial is easily the most unique aspect of the P’6620 – and takes some time to appreciate. At first I wasn’t sure what to make of it. As you can tell there is a thick flange ring that dips dramatically into the dial. It looks like a mountain range around the face. On the flange ring are dedicated Arabic hour numerals and minute/seconds scales. The dial itself is pretty clean actually. Chronograph subdials, a tachymeter scale for show, and the hour and minute hands. You’ll either love or hate the amount of white space in the dial. According to Porsche Design the design of the dial was to enhance legibility – I believe that and agree that over time a design like this is going to be more legible than other more busy designs.

The design of the hands is unique. I can’t help but feel however that they are a bit too short. They are polished with lume in the center, but the top edge has as thinner strip of polished metal. A few more millimeters on the hands would be perfect. The small dashes of red on the dial are done nicely. This is a more of a “sleep hit” watch that comes alive on the the wrist and becomes more appreciated with use.

For the movement Porsche Design uses an ETA 7753 automatic chronograph. It is decorated nicely and has that custom Porsche wheel rotor. Porsche Design for whatever reason wanted to use a case mounted in-set pusher to change the date rather than the crown. Never sure why people do this.

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The bracelet is pretty nice and certainly comfortable. It looks best on the watch, but it is also available with a leather or rubber strap option. Though I really think Porsche Designs watches are usually made to look great on bracelets, and their bracelets are usually pretty great looking. This one is simple but modern and satisfying. The new Porsche Design P’6620 Dashboard Chronograph range should be available now and retails for about $5,800.

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