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Recall Your Math Classes With The Fortis 2pi Watch

Recall Your Math Classes With The Fortis 2pi Watch Watch Releases

When it comes to the so-called “art watches,” there are a few brands that I would offer up as creating watches of this nature. Funnily enough, until today, Fortis was not a brand that I would have put into that category. As it is largely a dial-based sort of effort, though, it would not be a surprise to see, well, any brand create something like this. That said, with the help of Rolf Sachs, we now have the Fortis 2pi available for us.

Apparently, the Fortis 2pi is part of the Terrestis collection which was recently introduced, but of course, this model is something of a different nature. Looking at the dial, you see what looks almost like a whiteboard with various geometry-related things scribbled down, with two pi symbols showing up as part of calculations that one would expect to result in approximations for the angles at the 2 o’clock and 5 o’clock positions. Nevertheless, they have other lines and curves in play, which add some additional color to the dial. In all of that, I think my favorite part is actually the logo, and how it looks like it was just drawn on the board that way.

Recall Your Math Classes With The Fortis 2pi Watch Watch Releases

The one part that feels slightly disjointed is the date display. The crispness of those digits is a stark contrast to the hand-drawn nature of the dial. While I realize printing up one-off date wheels for a 150-piece limited edition would be no small undertaking, I think had they done that, it really would have helped out the look. And this would also give them a chance to use a white background – like the dial – to continue the whiteboard theme. It feels funny to call out a date wheel in this manner, but for something that is more aesthetically driven (as an art watch should be), those sorts of details need attention.

Tucked into the 42mm steel case of the Fortis 2pi you have the F-2014 movement which is based on the ETA 2836-2, so you will have all of the reliability and durability you would normally expect from a Fortis watch; albeit in a package that looks something more like what you would find coming from the bargain bin. And that, for me, is where the watch does not sit right. When you look at what the brand produces, the Fortis 2pi just feels out of place. Even if you just narrow your view to the Fortis Terrestis collection, it still feels like a bit of a misfit to me.

Recall Your Math Classes With The Fortis 2pi Watch Watch Releases

And this is not because of a colorful dial. Well, actually, I think it is due to that dial as it’s paired to the case. The case itself feels fairly plain, especially against what is done on the dial – that, for some, may sound good and there’s nothing wrong with that, but to me, judging from the images, it comes off as a misfit for an established brand like Fortis. So, how could they shake this feeling? I think the answer lies in the case itself: if they want to keep the black PVD finish, why not treat that like a chalkboard? Get some markings to mimic chalk that hit the bezel, lugs, and go onto the side of the case. Or better yet, switch over to a white (ceramic?) finish, and then you can have the same dry-erase marker look continuing on.


Recall Your Math Classes With The Fortis 2pi Watch Watch Releases

Whatever the approach might be, I think the case (and its finishing) is really the key to making the Fortis 2pi a much better art watch, and move it away from reminding me of something that a simple dial swap occurred on. In other words, I hope to see this as an overall design that escapes the confines of the dial. Then, yes, the Fortis 2pi would definitely stand out from the collection, but it would stand out in a way that really makes you take notice of this artistic (and mathematical) expression. To take a different approach, the black, chalkboard-like case may work when viewed “in the metal”, as it highlights the funky, lumed dial. If you take a kinder view of the Fortis 2pi, you can pick up one of the 150 copies for just shy of $3,000. For more information on the watch (or the rest of more conventionally-styled Terrestis collection), head on over to their site.

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  • Grinnie Jax

    Hated algebra, loved geometry… This one is somewhat in between.

  • Andrew Roxas

    The pi/6 is not meant to be calculated as shown. The face is dividing the watch into parts of a circle (circle = 360 degrees or 2 x pi radians).

    If you convert pi/6 into degrees it will be 30 degrees as shown on the watch face. Likewise 7pi/4 is 315 degrees.

  • iamcalledryan

    “until today, was not a brand that I would have put into that category” – don’t forget the “IQ” watch that they released some years ago and is the perfect pretext to this one.

  • David Bredan

    Andrew Roxas You sir are right – we were distracted by the respective numbers one would expect to see as indices.

  • chiposaur

    Ah yes! ?/6×180°/? = 30°

  • BrJean

    Why not $3,142?

  • iamcalledryan And that”s the thing – if this dial was on a plastic Swatch, I’d be totally on board.  In this setting (and pricepoint), however, it just needed more to justify it in my book.

  • Andrew Roxas Good catch!

  • Grinnie Jax
  • Grinnie Jax But that’s what I’m talking about – for an art watch, go all in.  With what you linked above, it has a bold bezel and stuff extends onto the bracelet.

  • Can’t wait for the edition with child-like crayon scribblings on the dial, pedestrian movement, $3k price and the theme of the dial: “Stupid F*%#er”

  • Jimxxx

    Here is something one might consider during a loooooong movie : 2pi or not 2pi…?

  • mui_richard

    Looks like a kid’s homework on a 3k watch…maybe it’s just me but this dial belongs on a Timex or a Swatch, not a 3k Fortis.

  • I_G

    I hate mathematics, they won’t add my money to their revenue.

  • Ulysses31

    Fortis tries to muscle in on Swatch territory.  They make some really handsome, masculine and “toolish” chronographs.  They should really stick to those – this is just silly.

  • Seyyed Morteza Alavizadeh

    I have no idea who has designed this watch, but I have a message for him/her 😉 I detest mathematics 😀

  • DeltronZero

    so the angle of the dangle is inversley proportional to the heat of the beat

  • Howie Boyd

    Hideous. And I like math. That’s just stupid.

  • AK74

    So, a couple of days ago I wrote that Stranger watch had the right price. I’m going to say that this one’s price is probably ten times higher than should be.

  • Three large for a watch with a design on a paper napkin slapped on? Please…

  • Naysayer

    This is mathematically inept, eg. the mixture of degrees and radians, the placement of the angles along radii.

  • 5803822

    Amusing, looks very SWATCH at ten times the price. ………………………….

  • notech47

    All conventional product planning is often completely thrown out the window when it comes to watches. This watch is a perfect example!

  • Fortis does all kinds of things right, and then they go and do something very wrong. Not that this is terrible, but contrasted against the price it’s a complete disaster.

  • DanW94

    Looks like a consolation prize in a High School Math Club raffle.

  • thornwood36


  • DG Cayse

    And this, Dear folks, is what can happen on one of those “Bring Your Child to Work” days.

    Strangely, I do like this and would wear it on occasion – BUT, IMO, it is overpriced by at least 1/2.
    An interesting side-note in a otherwise fine marque.

  • Grinnie Jax

    Actually I don’t understand you guys comparing this to Swatch. No, it shouldn’t cost as Swatch:
    1) The quality is totally uncomparable. Fortis is legacy for your kids/grandsons, Swatch won’t survive.
    2) It is mechanical, not the worst movement at all, quiet durable, yet popular…
    3) Fortis is much much more reputable than Swatch!
    4) It has metal and much better case, limited of 150 units only, and sold for and I am totally sure that it would be sold for less than MSRP.

    Well, maybe it is overpriced, but not 10 times for sure, even not 2 times. Most Fortis are sold at 60-50% of MSRP, that gives us around 1500$ which is fair enough.

  • spiceballs

    As you wrote Patrick, like the idea but the execution not quite there  – –  pity.

  • Jef_in

    Not for that price point. Better at less than US$500.

  • marbstiu

    Grinnie Jax the market for these kinds of watch is the one the Apple Watch will hurt most

  • Velocitor


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