After revamping their Type 3 last year to include an Oil Temperature Gauge, the new Ressence Type 3N offers the watch with a new “Night Blue” dial. The oil-filled dial looks great in this new color, adding a further aesthetic layer drawn from the mesmerizing dark blue. Made with rotating subdials and discs that eschew hour and minute hands, reading this watch is just as fun as gazing at it. The combination of the look, seamless integration between the dial and crystal, and the deep blue looks wonderful from the photos. In person, it’s likely to wow even more.


Those familiar with the Ressence will recognize the one-of-a-kind oil-filled case with printed numerals and indexes that seem to hover above the dial. The case is 44mm composed mostly of a sapphire crystal that is married to sturdy grade-5 Titanium. Filled with 375.7ml of oil, the Ressence Type 3N Night Blue makes use of Ressence’s patented ROCS, or Ressence Orbital Convex System. This allows the movement in the lower case to control the sub-dials on the upper case, which is filled with oil. ROCS uses magnets to have the movement control the sub-dials on the upper case.

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This diagram of the original Ressence Type 3 applies to the Ressence Type 3N Night Blue watch as well.

The Ressence Type 3N Night Blue movement is actually a modified ETA 2824-2, but you will quickly notice that there is no crown. This is because all adjustments, including date, time, and winding are handled by flipping it over and turning the case back itself. The movement operates at 28,800vph and allows a 36-hour power reserve. The Ressence Type 3N Night Blue actually accounts for increases in temperature that could affect the volume within the case. This is achieved by seven tiny bellows that compress as temperature rises and help to stabilize the oil level within the case. The mechanical thermal gauge is used to indicate the optimal oil temperature.


Ressence points to the night sky for inspiring this piece, and with the illuminated markings you can imagine a tiny universe of stars against a deep, navy backdrop suspended right there on your wrist. It really is beautiful. The Ressence Type 3N Night Blue will come on an appropriately blue leather strap with an ardillon clasp in grade 5 Titanium. Price is 37,500 EUR.

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