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Sleek, integrated bracelet sports watch designs have been at the forefront of watch enthusiast culture for years, but these stylish timepieces have been mostly limited to the upper levels of the luxury market. Tissot has changed all that with its greatest success story of 2021, the newly revived Tissot PRX Powermatic 80. While the original Tissot PRX 40 205 took the watch market by storm in 1978, the all-new revived PRX Powermatic 80 reinvents the ‘70s classic for a modern audience, going above and beyond the original in every way. Packing in a clean vintage-inspired integrated bracelet shape, sharp and detailed finishing, incredible intricate dial surfacing, and an innovative high-performance automatic movement, the new Tissot PRX Powermatic 80 series punches far above its price range on every front, creating an instant classic that brings the style and refinement of integrated bracelet design to the masses.

Clean, angular, and handsomely finished, the 40mm stainless steel case of the Tissot PRX Powermatic 80 is versatile enough for almost any occasion. The overall case profile is faithful to the 1978 original, with a tall narrow polished bezel, sharply polished case chamfers, and broad planar surfaces to showcase Tissot’s attractive and even vertical brushing. While the overall integrated form is simple, Tissot’s small details like the flat sapphire crystal and the polished “T” emblem on the crown reward those who take a closer look. A 10.9mm overall thickness and a relatively slim central case body the PRX Powermatic 80 an elegantly svelte profile on the wrist, able to slip under cuffs with ease but still attracting attention when the need arises. Tissot showcases the innovative Powermatic 80 automatic movement inside the PRX Powermatic 80 with a sapphire display caseback, giving wearers a glimpse into the beating mechanical heart of the watch. For those searching for a more luxurious two-tone look, Tissot also offers the PRX Powermatic 80 with a rich, warm rose gold tone PVD bezel. The PRX Powermatic 80’s sporty-luxe look isn’t just for show either, as the watch is rated for an adventure-ready 100 meters of water resistance.

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Tissot elevates the clean ‘70s-inspired lines of the PRX Powermatic 80 with a trio of guilloché-style dial options. With an intricate raised tapisserie texture and nuanced sunburst finishing, all three dial options catch the light beautifully at nearly any angle, giving the clean dial layout a lively and evolving base to build upon. Each model in the trio builds on this finely detailed base in its own distinctive way. The clean and classical black dial is the sportiest and most straightforward of the three, allowing the brushed and polished details of the faceted baton hands and slim applied indices to come to the fore. The deep, oceanic tones of the blue dial model add a luxurious, slightly nautical flair to the classic form, calling to mind some of the classics of the integrated bracelet genre. Lastly, the slightly pearlescent sheen of the white dial is complemented by the warmth of rose gold-tone hands and dial hardware, setting this one apart with a bolder and more eye-catching feel.

Tissot equips the PRX Powermatic 80 series with the high-tech Powermatic 80 automatic movement, developed exclusively by ETA for Tissot’s parent company Swatch Group. The Powermatic 80 is a thoroughly modern automatic powerplant, boasting an advanced Nivarox balance spring and a massive weekend-proof 80-hour power reserve at a 21,600 bph beat rate. Tissot caps off this capable engine with a custom engraved rotor, finely decorated with a radiating wave pattern.

So much of the success or failure of an integrated bracelet watch design rests upon the quality of the bracelet, and it’s here that the Tissot PRX Powermatic 80 really sets itself apart. The broad, tapering single link design flows seamlessly into the main body of the case, giving the entire design the feel of being one cohesive piece. Even the clasp continues this seamlessly flowing look, with an impressively comfortable hidden butterfly closure that allows the link pattern to continue uninterrupted. While the vertically brushed finishing across the broad surfaces of the links dominates the look of the bracelet, Tissot’s discreet use of polished angular chamfers at the joints between links gives the PRX Powermatic 80’s bracelet a bright and eye-catching glitter in changing light that adds to the feel of quality dramatically.

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By bringing back one of its ‘70s icons and reshaping the current integrated bracelet sports watch craze, the Tissot PRX Powermatic 80 brings a bevy of impressive elements to the table, but perhaps the most striking of all is the sheer value proposition. The Tissot PRX Powermatic 80 is available now through authorized dealers at a starting MSRP of only $650, and a price of only $675 for the two-tone rose gold PVD model. For more information, please visit the brand’s website.

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