Ralph Lauren Sport Collection Watch

I discussed the three initial Ralph Lauren Watches here on Luxist, so please have a look at my pre-release thoughts written just before SIHH with more details on each model:

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  1. Ralph Lauren Stirrup Collection Watches
  2. Ralph Lauren Sporting Collection Watches
  3. Ralph Lauren Classic Slim Collection Watches

I said it pretty well in those articles, but I’ll affirm a few things now that the watches have been released. The watches are really nice. Maybe too nice for what the market will bear right now. The Richemont DNA in the watch line expresses it self profoundly in the diversity of the look and character of the watches. The video from TheTimeTV helps elaborate on what the new line is like. Funny how videos of a watch give it a different feeling that images alone. Being able to observe their size in relation to the human body seems to make a huge difference. You’ll find these watches available soon at select Ralph Lauren stores and ‘fine’ watch retailers.

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