I decided to model two of the new Rolex Day-Date models that appealed to me most. Those were the Rolex Day-Date Green and Rhodium. Though in all honesty, depending on the type of guy you are, none of the colors are strictly “men or women.” I can see situations where they would fit anyone. Rolex is famous for using green in various anniversary watches. There have been a few green dialed Submariner models, as well as GMT-Master II models. Though this is a darker, more metallic green. By the way, it looks fantastic with the 18k yellow gold case.

Speaking of cases, the Day-Date Oyster case for 2013 is offered in two 18k yellow gold cases, two rose (Rolex’s Everose) gold cases, and two white gold cases. No steel, and you aren’t likely to see any steel models as Rolex only produces the Day-Date in precious metals. If you want a platinum model in a neat color then perhaps all you need to do is wait a few years. I don’t know if Rolex intends to continue with these colorful creations or if it is just an experiment. When it comes to playing with color they have mostly done so on their lady’s pieces – which of course will be a major consumer of these new Day-Date models, but again I think some guys will dig them. In addition to the cases being in gold (and lovely they are), the hands and hour markers, as well as the strap’s folding buckles are in gold.

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Rolex-Day-Date-2013-watch-3 Rolex-Day-Date-2013-watch-5

Inside the 36mm wide Rolex Day-Date is the in-house made Rolex caliber 3155 automatic COSC Chronometer certified movement. It features the time, date, and day of the week (fully spelled out). You of course have Rolex’s signature cyclops magnifier lens over the day as well. One of my favorite little details about the Rolex Day-Date dial is use of small Roman numerals on the minute scale around the chapter ring. Nice little detail. Rolex also includes a sort of end-piece style element on the case so that there is a gapless connection between the strap and the case. It is a minor detail, but one of the reasons that Rolex watches are held in high regard.

You might not love Rolex, and I certainly don’t all the time, but I give them kudos for offering a ton of refinement and a very reliable wearing experience. They really do make some of the best case and bracelet metal out there. If you are interested in an original Rolex Day-Date watch because you love the style and fluted bezel, but with a more interesting color then your timepieces may have just about arrived. Prices for the 2013 Rolex Day-Date watch is 17,950 Euros in 18k yellow gold and 19,150 Euros in either 18k white gold or 18k Everose gold.

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