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Romain Jerome Tetris-DNA Watch

Romain Jerome Tetris-DNA Watch Watch Releases

The newest classic video game-inspired watch from Swiss Romain Jerome (RJ) is the Tetris-DNA, and it serves as yet another homage to a great 1980s-era video game. Tetris was actually a soviet game created in Moscow during the time of the USSR. Romain Jerome has already graced us with watches inspired by Space Invaders, PAC-MAN, and now, Tetris. In the future, more video game-inspired watches will come from Romain Jerome – we can promise you that.

Romain Jerome now calls watches such as this which use their Moon Invader case style to be “Generational Icons.” Romain Jerome had some interesting success with the “Titanic-DNA” watch that contained some metal actually collected from the Titanic. Even though the Titanic-DNA watch collection was controversial, it did spawn a lot of “DNA” watches. The goal of each is, of course, to contain some material from something special. That isn’t possible with every type of watch that celebrates a unique and often important cultural icon, so Romain Jerome evolved the “DNA Watch” concept to include watches such as these which are produced as limited editions in celebration of a time, place, era, and of course, game and life style.

Originally from 1984, Tetris is a game that continues to be relevant today. I recall playing Tetris back in the day on my black and white screened Nintendo Gameboy – and that was years after the game first came out. The race against the ever increasing speed to arrange the blocks and wipe out lines is a testament to deceptively simple and mentally challenging games that changed the face of entertainment and puzzle solving forever.

Romain Jerome Tetris-DNA Watch Watch Releases

The Romain Jerome Tetris-DNA watches will come in 46mm-wide PVD-coated black titanium cases with special dials that include hand-set “Tetris dials.” Each “Tetrimino” block is produced from colored anodized aluminum and is set by hand. The Tetriminos are thus three-dimensional and set against the iconic game screen frame of actual bricks.

Ironically, even though the colors used for the Romain Jerome Tetris-DNA watch are attractively laid out, if this were actually someone’s Tetris game screen, they would be a terrible player! Inside the watch is a Swiss automatic mechanical movement that displays only the time with hours and minutes. Attached to the case is a black rubber strap.


Given that this is an RJ watch, the price isn’t going to be cheap. Then again, only 84 pieces of the Romain Jerome Tetris-DNA watch will be produced as part of this limited edition. Thanks to the current exchange rate from Swiss Francs, price for the Romain Jerome Tetris-DNA watch is $18,950 (15,555 Swiss Francs).

Romain Jerome Tetris-DNA Watch Watch Releases

Tech specs from Romain Jerome
Model: Tetris-DNA
Reference RJ.M.AU.IN.010.01

Caliber RJ001-A
Mechanical self-winding movement
Frequency: 28,800 vph
Jewelling: 23 jewels
Power reserve: 42 hours
Water resistance: 30 meters

Central hours and minutes

Ø 46 mm
Black PVD-coated titanium
Lugs fitted with safety screws and integrated ball-and-socket joints for optimal wrist adjustment
Grainy-textured stellar-patterned back with Tetris medallion
RJ safety screw on the case-back, exclusively accessible to watchmakers
Screw-lock crown

Black brushed Matrix with aluminum “Clou de Paris” Tetriminos. Anodized aluminium
“Clou de Paris” in different colours
Engraved bricks for the Tetris scene setting
Hands: Oxidized black and satin brushed, with superluminova “blue emission”

Black rubber
Grainy-textured interior of stellar-patterned strap
Buckle: Black PVD-coated steel

Limited edition
84 pieces

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  • I’m glad not to be one of the 84 potential owners. Another RJ gimmick watch that looks like, well… the part of the body you sit upon. This looks like something Invicta could come up with if they did a Tetris watch (but for only $395 regular retail price – yours for only $49 plus shipping). Pass.

  • ZL

    The fact that, in the Tetris game depicted on the dial, the current falling block does not have a very good place to land would stress me out every time I looked at it. If they had made it a block that you could destroy a couple lines with, wouldn’t that have been more satisfying? Or maybe that unideal block actually would somehow keep you more engaged imagining the rest of the game…

  • What would impress me more is if it mechanically ‘played’ a game of Tetris, or at least had some blocks falling.

  • AdamYoung2

    Now if the parts moved somehow then it’d be interesting, but on the face of things there’s not a whole lot going on for the price.

  • IanE

    If it were a Mr Jones watch at £200, one could JUST about understand it, but, at this price, it makes one wonder what sort of alternative universe RJ dwell in [yes, I know the Jones watches are quartz, but since you can’t see the RJ movement in this watch, there isn’t even excitement to view inside the thing]!  Are there really 84 people who would buy this stuff, I wonder?

  • SantiagoT

    Romain Jerome has announced a couple of minutes ago the next watch in the collection:, also inspired in a huge success from the 80’s: My Little Pony.

  • andy_f Agreed – and if Christophe Claret made this watch, it would be a game (but far more expensive).

  • I thought if it was a ‘DNA’ watch that is actually contained some of the subject material?
    Anyway, if the timing on this thing goes wonky, do I blow into it like my old NES cartridges?

  • SwissMatic

    For $18,950 I ought to be able to actually play Tetris on this watch.

  • JoelSchumann

    An instant hit wirh Silicon Valley millionaires who take a pride in not growing up. It’s a funny trait with us humans – nobody would touch it if it was 199.5 $ but charge 18.995 and put a brand name on it and what happens … This is one of the 20% substance and 80% branding you alluded to in your previous article.

  • DanW94

    At that price it needs the old arcade game coin slot to drop quarters into…….have to recoup that money somehow.

  • quentinlachour1

    aBlogtoWatch CoinDesMontres Même pas un brin nostalgique en pensant à tes années geek ? Moi perso oui haha ! 😉

  • quentinlachour1

    aBlogtoWatch CoinDesMontres après je comprends, les RJ ne sont pas mes favorites non plus mais celle là m’a interpellé !

  • CoinDesMontres

    quentinlachour1 aBlogtoWatch Boh ils ont déjà fait Pacman et Space Invaders, ce n’est plus vraiment surprenant.

  • CoinDesMontres

    quentinlachour1 aBlogtoWatch Mon soucis c’est que pour une pièce de ce prix, ça me ferait chier d’avoir un gadget “geek” justement.

  • quentinlachour1

    CoinDesMontres aBlogtoWatch Là je suis d’accord, le prix est très cher. Avec ce budget je n’achèterais jamais celle là..

  • thornwood36


  • iamcalledryan

    Nothing beats their pac-man thusfar!

  • iamcalledryan

    SantiagoT be careful – all the brands are trying to tap the female market right now – you better protect your ideas…

  • prplhaze

    PRguitarman I think that I kinda want all of them 😉

  • DG Cayse

    MarkCarson Just another method for separating the chumps from their change.

  • Aaron Young

    Eh, its a cool concept and I’m sure its extremely well made, but if I’m spending $18,000 on a watch, I want it to be timeless. I’m sure the multi millionaires out there can throw around that money on novelty watches, but I’d prefer something I could hand down to my kids and still look classic (like a SS Sub for example)
    Still, this is better than when they made a watch from the wreckage of a disaster that claimed the lives of hundreds of people

  • Ulysses31

    It’s cute and playful in a way only someone with more money than God could appreciate.  At least it’s (gulp) reasonably-priced… yeah, reading this blog for so many years kinda distorts your perceptions of what is “reasonable”.  It’s all relative though.

  • NedSaric

    Perfect example of “a fool and his money”.