Each Rpaige watch has these movements, and I have to admit that they are quite striking. Not only are they emotionally and historically valuable to watch aficionados, but they are an excellent way of having a real vintage American watch on your wrist in a more modern way. Actually, some Rpiage watches are one-off pieces that include the original dials from some of the pocket watches. These are a bit more expensive, and there are only a few of them, but for those interested, I highly recommend taking a look.

As I said, a major element in the appeal of these watches is that they are modern on the outside, and classic on the inside. A big reason I don’t like many vintage watches is they feel like they are going to fall apart on my wrist. Today we can make truly amazing watch cases, and while there are some excellent vintage cases out there, too many of them stink by today’s standards. So it makes perfect sense to house these 100 year old movements in 44mm wide cases in either steel or titanium. The round case is rather simple, but has unique art deco style lugs that add some visual interest. Over the dial is a domed sapphire crystal, while the case is water resistant to 50 meters.

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Rpaige-Wrocket-Watch-6 Rpaige-Wrocket-Watch-23

A nice design detail is the blue sapphire crystal cabochon in the crown. It doesn’t necessarily need to be there, but is a nice touch that I appreciate. Then again, I am a fan of cabochon crystals. The steel case is totally polished and I believe that the titanium case has a more sandblasted finish to it. Either is a decent choice, but I think the polished steel goes a bit more with the theme, at least with this dial style.

Rpaige offers a few dial versions. They are simple, but effective. The large lumed Arabic numeral hour indicators are welcome, and the dials are available in either black or white. What mixes things up a bit more are the various hand options. This is where things get a little strange. In this review you’ll see two styles of hands for the watch. Rpaige first sent me the Wrocket with the “circle” hands, and then later the large lumed hands. I personally prefer the latter.

Rpaige-Wrocket-Watch-3 Rpaige-Wrocket-Watch-15

The circle hands are unique, but a little distracting. They also come in lumed and non-lumed forms, as well as in various colors (polished steel, green, red, etc…). I appreciate that creative quality of the more unique hands, but I find that the often overlapping circles get in the way of proper legibility. while the “big hands” could be a touch longer, they are certainly prominent enough, and have an excellent amout of lume on them.

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When I received the watch the second time around, with the larger hands, my affection for the Wrocket increased tremendously. So if you are interested in this great watch, you have to ask yourself whether you are more of a tool watch guy and want the big legible hands, or prefer the novel qualities of the watch and want the  more avant garde circle hands.


Attached to the Wrocket is a really nice soft brand leather strap. It is very comfortable and wraps easily around your wrist. With its contrast stitching and aged style, it feels like the perfect complement to the watch. If you prefer a black or even other strap options, Rpiage has those available.

I was quite curious to know if laypeople who aren’t into watches would find the story of the Wrocket interesting. Wearing it around, I would share it with people and show them the movement. The reaction was really surprising as many people seemed quite enamored with the concept. Of course that did require actually removing the watch and showing them the back. For those looking to enjoy a more “immediate” vintage watch experience, getting one of Rpaige’s piece unique models with the original dials may be the way to go. Though the Wrocket is an appealing option for fans of Americana as well as vintage timepieces and pocket watches. I quite like it. The Wrocket in steel is limited to just 199 pieces, while the Wrocket in titanium is limited to just 99 pieces. Price for each is $2,400. rpaigewatch.com

Necessary Data
>Brand: Rpaige
>Model: Wrocket
>Price: $2,400 USD
>Size: 44mm wide
>Would reviewer personally wear it: Yes
>Friend we’d recommend it to first: Fans of vintage timepieces who also enjoy “American made,” and want something more modern to wear.
>Worst characteristic of watch: Wrocket dials seem bland compared to their beautiful movements.
>Best characteristic of watch: Appealing concept that combines old and new in a nicely American product. Movements are great to admire and restored nicely.

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