RSW Moonflower

Wow. Just check this out – the RSW Moonflower for Women.

Powerful imagery to say the least. I love that this is a brand that is taking definite risks with a design like this – which has earned my respect, and I’m sure the respect of many more.

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Rama Swiss Watch, the geniuses behind the Moonflower, has grown out of need for truly unique, avant-garde pieces. Giving the manufacturing expertise of the founders, their success is sure to be guaranteed. Compare this with the fashion-forward designs and distributions, the RSW Moonflower stands alone.

So, let’s take the obvious. Moon. Flower. Can you see them both? Together? Not at first… but, like those allusions, this watch offers so much more.

And it’s not a traditional look at all – period. For women’s watches – this is a whole different game.

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It’s definitely kind of ugly. The bumpy facade of the titanium dial is a little off-putting at first. It’s a stretch for a moon – and a stretch for a flower… But then – you gaze into the open face… And become transfixed by the moving dials – working together – in harmony – to turn at just the right moment.

That is where RSW gets its moon and its flower.

So you want to know what’s inside this rock – What’s powering this machine… The RSW Moonflower features the Automatic ETA 2824-2 Movement, manufactured by powerhouse ETA, with 28,800 vibrations per hour, or 8 beats a second. ETA has earned a solid reputation for creating high quality movements that require less wrist movement to wind the mainspring.

This should be no problem for the woman wearing this, though, as I doubt she is someone who sits still a lot. A woman who owns an RSW Moonflower goes wherever she wants. And this is one timepiece that is up for a challenge.

For all you moves and shakers, the ETA movement captured within this model, along with most manufactures, uses Incabloc shock resistance for the RSW Moonflower. So Ladies – whatever you call it – this means that the balance is not damaged when the watch is dropped or bumped. Excellent for use in action.

RSW Moonflower Watch

Rocking in at a solid 40mm diameter, the black PVD coated steel case is beyond anything I could have dreamed of for a hott women’s watch. RSW offers the dial plates in black, grey, or white, depending on how much of a statement you are willing to make. I have only seen the black on black model, and so far that’s enough for me. I’m in love.

Another unique detail on the Moonflower is that the Hours, Minutes, and Seconds indicators have been replaced by traditional hands with 3 separate discs that move in harmony with the movement of the watch.

Inspired by a compass, the outer most disc rotates the hours, and with meticulous care and precision, the minutes are then also displayed. Mimicking the 4 points of a compass, the seconds disc rotates with a grid of four lines, suggesting the seconds as they pass. The pink gold “monitor” in the center of the dial opening is positioned to read the exact time, from hour – to minute – second. Such synchronization is hard to replicate, as you must well know.

And watching it all in motion is practically spiritual to watch. If only every thing worked so smooth.

Against the dark black austere of the case, the pink gold numerals are striking. A great shade of pink, too. And it’s done well. Too often pink, or rose gold, comes up with an orange sheen. Against the harsh black of the titanium case, these numerals seriously pop.

One area that RSW loses me, though, is the rubber strap… I bet it’s more functional that way, and goes along with the durable appeal, but I wish there was a solid black titanium bracelet, furthering the jewelry image. That way, from all sides, this would be a strong, masculine, meteor on the wrist. As is, it’s still hott, but could have been that much hotter.

I am excited to see what else comes from this brand as they are positioning themselves very well, in my opinion. Too often brands get caught up in trends and competing with each other that the very art of innovation gets lost. I hope that RSW continues to move forward with blinders on, creating their own real path.

It’s unfortunate, then, that their website is not entirely up. Not sure why, but with releases such as this one at Baselworld 2009, they need to update this ( fast!

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