SalonQP 2012 Video: Watches & Wardrobe

SalonQP 2012 Video: Watches & Wardrobe

Contributed by Watch Anish

November marks an important event in the British horological calendar. For the past 3 years SalonQP, headed by UK based watch magazine QP, has welcomed a myriad of luxury watch brands to exhibit their newest and most lavish creations under the roof of London's famed Saatchi gallery.

A  view of this year's event was captured by Watch Anish, and showing us a more fly-on-the-wall depiction of what happens during such an evening on the opening night. We hope you enjoy the mixture of horology and haute couture.

SalonQP 2012 Video: Watches & Wardrobe Shows & Events

  • qrchandc

    Anyone has any experience with the sevenfriday watches in the video?

    • WatchAnish

      MikeyLacroix Yup, I’m actually putting together a hands on review for ABTW as we speak!

      • MikeyLacroix

        WatchAnish MikeyLacroix Looking forward to it.
        Love your tumblr feed btw!

        • WatchAnish

          MikeyLacroix WatchAnish Should be ready tonight, so hopefully live on the site in a day or so…
          Thank you for your compliments on the tumblr blog also 🙂 Much appreciated!!

  • DG Cayse

    I know that one must pay the bills…but…my vision of hell is being locked in a room full of people like these people.

    • WatchAnish

      DG Cayse It’s really not that bad 🙂

    • AntyWong

      DG Cayse Truth