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Did you know that a recent survey of watch-enthusiast social media users determined that up to 40% chose not to share a “wrist shot” online because of embarrassing wrist watch tan lines? It’s true… countless timepiece lovers eager to share their lifestyles on Instagram and elsewhere are being held back by unsightly tan lines created when one wears a timepiece in the sun, and the skin under your watch can’t evenly tan. If you are a victim of wristwatch tan lines, then moving your timepiece just a millimeter on your wrist in either direction or putting on a different-sized timepiece can expose untanned skin and utterly ruin watch photography. Finally, there is a solution. Introducing Wrist Ray.

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Wrist Ray is the world’s first portable tanning bed designed exclusively for your wrist. Wrist Ray’s remarkable inventors began by miniaturizing the technology used for full human-sized tanning beds and putting it into a battery-powered package that can fit in your coat pocket. Wrist Ray is fully rechargeable with a built-in micro-USB port. Wearing Wrist Ray for just a few moments is enough to give your wrist a darker shade. Have serious wristwatch tan line problems that need even more color? Wrist Ray has got you covered. After just a few sessions under the patented UV light-emitting system, your watch wrist space will go from paler to darker and is easily controlled to match your natural skin tone. With an automatic shut-off mode, Wrist Ray can be programmed in five-minute increments for up to 20 minutes of consistent rays on your wrist.

Don’t take our word for it. Wrist Ray has already partnered with some of the world’s most popular wristwatch influencers and models to test what Wrist Ray can do for them. A beach photography shoot near Nice in the South of France would have gone utterly wrong if not for Wrist Ray to the rescue. All-day shooting on the beach inadvertently caused all of the models to have unsightly watch tans, potentially ruining the quality of the fashion shoot. Just one Wrist Ray device was all that was needed to ensure all wrist skin tones were consistent no matter what timepiece was being worn. Wrist Ray is already being heralded as the watch lifestyle accessory of the decade.

Wrist Ray is a high-quality, Tanning Industry Association-approved instrument designed to create an enclosure of UV light around your wrist. Wrist Ray is designed to work with the vast majority of wrist sizes and is safe to use for the prescribed amount of time. (Please do not use Wrist Ray on the same area more than three times per day. Wrist Ray is also not designed to safely tan other parts of your body.)

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How can Wrist Ray up your Instagram game? Wrist Ray’s deep study in to the behavior of social media audiences has discovered that watch tans prevent up to 37% of “liking” behavior. That means you wrist shots aren’t getting liked as often as they deserve if you are presenting your audience with unevenly tanned skin! With Wrist Ray, you can love wearing a watch and enjoy the sun at the same time. Wrist Ray is the secret to always having a perfect tan while wearing your wristwatch and enjoying outdoor activities, including: hanging with your homies at the beach, just chillin’ at a hotel pool, strutting down the avenue with your sleeves rolled up, popping Champagne corks at the day club, and so much more!

The Wrist Ray personal wrist tanner is produced from high-quality metal and optical components and is protected by four patents, including the system that ensures your wrist is presented with just the right level of UV light. Don’t forget that medical science has recently proven what the tanning industry has demonstrated for years — the power of artificial UV rays to produce vitamin D in your skin, just like authentic light from the sun.

Watch enthusiasts have already found one alternative use for the Wrist Ray — it is of the most powerful and portable ways to “charge” the luminant on an applicable timepiece. Even if it is the dead of winter and your wrists haven’t seen the light of day in weeks, Wrist Ray is the best way to make your social media “lume shots” the best and brightest in people’s social feeds.

For legal reasons, the Wrist Ray isn’t available in certain places because its technology is considered “dangerous” by some local authorities. Don’t let a nanny state stop you from looking your best. The Wrist Ray is entirely safe when used as instructed. (Wrist Ray recommends that all owners read the manual before use.) Wrist Ray is proven to remove unwanted wrist tan lines, 100% of the time. Wristwatch lovers just like you around the world already trust Wrist Ray for their personal wristwatch style needs. Get yours today for just $429 USD. Learn more at

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