This month, Singapore-based micro-brand Schaffen is launching their debut line of watches—the Reference 65 collection. The collection consists of two models. The first model in the line-up is the Schaffen A65 Dress Watch, a conservative yet versatile watch that focuses on the details for a pleasant wearing experience. While the execution is traditional at its core, Schaffen truly stands out from the rest by allowing customers to personalize their A65 Dress Watch models in a couple of ways. Most notably, customers will be able to design and create their own rotor which is made out of 316L stainless steel by a special 3D printing process.

Backers of the Kickstarter campaign can send desired customization designs in the form of vector images, symbols, or photos to the Schaffen team. They will then create rendered mock-ups (as seen above) as a preview, before crafting your one-of-a-kind A65 timepiece.

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The Schaffen A65 Dress Watch boasts a tastefully sized 40mm case. Yet, the watch wears with a great deal of personality thanks to the varying mix of polished surfaces along with faceted hands and appliqués, which catch light depending on your viewing angle. It retains a low profile thanks to the 9.8mm thickness and the watch can easily switch between both dressy and casual occasions, even if it is more of a “dress” watch. The case itself allows for 50m of water resistance, is constructed out of 316L stainless steel, and features horizontal brushing mixed in with a set of beautifully mirror-polished lugs.

Turning the watch over, we’re greeted by a sapphire crystal exhibition caseback that proudly shows off the Élaboré grade Sellita SW200 movement and Schaffen’s customizable rotor. In addition to selecting your own design, the rotor can be visually upgraded with 18K gold plating (red, yellow, or white) and custom designs can either be engraved or skeletonized into the rotor for a more dramatic look. However, the potential for customizing the Schaffen A65 Dress Watch goes well beyond the 3D-printed rotor.

The Schaffen A65 Dress Watch can be ordered with a dial finished in silver, grey, or blue. After selecting a dial, customers may also select a black or white date window or choose to omit the date window completely. Moreover, they can select either steel or blue-colored alpha hands, or even combine both hand colors, such as silver hour and minute hands with blue second hands. Finally, backers will be able to personalize their dial with text or a signature to complete the process. Whatever option you choose, each dial features two-layer construction with a vertically brushed center and a sunray outer layer. Above it all is a durable sapphire crystal with internal AR coating for a clean look and optimal visibility.

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Launching on Kickstarter this month, the Schaffen A65 Dress Watch will be available for a limited time and delivery should be expected in May of 2018. All models will ship on a lightly distressed top-grain leather strap with a tang buckle. Earlybird pricing starts at $439 (limited to the first 100 backers) and you can learn more by visiting their official site.

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