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Sequent SuperCharger2 Watch Builds On Previous Success

Sequent SuperCharger2 Watch Builds On Previous Success Watch Releases

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Swiss brand Sequent, a leading smart-technology start-up, specializes in providing cutting-edge solutions for the consumer health care sector. The brand first entered the watchmaking world in 2017, with its record-breaking Kickstarter campaign. In the process of launching the company’s inaugural model, the SuperCharger1, Sequent raised over $1,200,000 in pre-orders, making its campaign the most successful to ever come out of Switzerland at the time. Having successfully delivered its revolutionary smartwatches to over 135 countries, the brand is returning to the Kickstarter platform with its second release, the Sequent SuperCharger2.

Sequent SuperCharger2 Watch Builds On Previous Success Watch Releases

As with the inaugural model launched in 2017, the SuperCharger2 uses a self-winding mechanism to charge an eco-friendly capacitor that can power several useful functions at once. Additionally, this second generation of Sequent smartwatches will introduce a Crypto Currency reward program, conceived to encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Sequent SuperCharger2 Watch Builds On Previous Success Watch Releases

Essentially, the Sequent SuperCharger2 is a direct successor to the Supercharger1, bringing together all of the experience and feedback gained from launching a new product. One thing that has not changed is the design credentials the Sequent team brings to the table: In 2019, the brand received its first Red Dot design award, validating its efforts to produce a highly functional smartwatch that is also a beautiful and desirable object.

“The Sequent SuperCharger, a smartwatch equipped with a hybrid charging system, is an exciting, innovative idea whose sustainability is convincing,” announced the international jury of the Red Dot Design Award.

Sequent SuperCharger2 Watch Builds On Previous Success Watch Releases

For fans of traditional watchmaking, one of the most appealing aspects of the Sequent range has to be the oscillating weight used to power the movement and its many functions. The more the wearer moves, the more 100% clean kinetic energy is converted into electrical power, which supports the high-precision sensors that track your activities. And the more active you are, the more “SQ Coins” you can earn. Generated by the cutting edge Sequent BioFeedback app, this special cryptocurrency can be used to unlock financial advantages for additional health services and products.

Sequent SuperCharger2 Watch Builds On Previous Success Watch Releases

Thanks to the automatic winding weight, working in conjunction with the highly durable and efficient capacity, millions of batteries could be saved every year, thus reducing the carbon footprint of Sequent wearers the world over. Furthermore, the dials and watchbands (which are available in a range of colors) are made from recycled ocean plastics.

Sequent SuperCharger2 Watch Builds On Previous Success Watch Releases

At 42mm-wide, the watch is slightly smaller than its predecessor. There are two case material options available — the Sport option in aluminum and the Steel edition in traditional 316L stainless steel. In conjunction with the easy-to-use app, the Sequent SuperCharger2 can track your activity during the day and night, the roads and distance you traveled using a built-in GPS, how much C02 your lifestyle is saving, and your current time zone (as well as adjusting accordingly when you cross into a different zone). The watch also offers notification functionality, an alarm, and water-resistance to 50 meters.

Sequent SuperCharger2 Watch Builds On Previous Success Watch Releases

The Sequent SuperCharger2 is one of the most advanced, true-hybrid watches on the market. It will be available from August 26th on Kickstarter, with prices starting at just $179. Learn more about the product and brand philosophy at

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  • Jared


  • SuperStrapper

    The previous one, with a pair of ‘sub dials’ looked better I think, but this also has a well thought out and cohesive design. It works with both iOS and Android so I suppose that is a benefit against monsters like Apple watch and S3 but I still doubt a smartwatch buyer would want this over either of those. These indie smartwatches can be cool but I often can’t actually imagine the buyer is. Obviously there are many of them but I’ve never seen one of these in the wild.<

  • Independent_George

    I didn’t exactly know what this watch actually did, so I went to the website. Basically, it’s a health and fitness tracker. I am not sure of its features vis-a-vis a Fitbit, but it sure is much better looking.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    It’s fine for what it is I suppose. Tough market these days. Why does the crown stick out like that, It bothers me.

    • RJ

      its the ol’ we didn’t realize we could make the crown shorter

      • I see on their website a mention to “double tap the crown”, so I’m guessing it is more like a chronograph push than a traditional crown. Cheers.

  • Agnar Sidhu

    You had to wait two weeks? That’s a long wait!

    • Sam Soul

      2 years. The project was launched in mid2017 and a delivery planned at end 2017. And I can tell many backers left are still waiting for their watch.

  • Things I want to know (and may have just missed):

    1) How long does it run off your wrist and a winder? In other words, what is the power reserve of the capacitor?
    2) Does the capacitor have a longer life than the one in my old Seiko Kinetic Windward? Those things only lasted a few years and were hard to get replaced.
    3) Does the watch automatically re-sync the time (from your phone) after “winding” an empty capacitor?
    4) Can you manually wind via the crown to charge up the capacitor? Or is this like an older automatic Seiko movement which did not support crown winding?

    My concerns are largely that this watch might be less useful or hard to get back going if you don’t wear it every day. Sure those young fitness folk might wear it every way, but some of us older watch lovers rotate our watches. That this watch should be a candidate for a place on a winder is plus.

    Only the Premium versions starting at $229 (with SS case and sapphire crystal) would interest me.

    • cluedog12

      Nevermind these valid concerns, there’s SQ Coins to be earned!

      • Just what I’ve been waiting for in a watch, ha ha.

  • cluedog12

    Took some design cues from the Nomos Lambda, looks very attractive actually.

    This is going to go down as a product of its time, more than most. This totally captures the zeitgeist of our young people culture.

    This watch has everything that sells a product from the late 2010s: (1) activity tracking; (2) environmental virtue signalling; (3) cryptocurrency; (4) crowdfunding model; (5) gamification and unlockables; (6) retro form factor with Bauhaus dial.

    I’m seriously considering this one.

  • H.S.M.

    Reading through the previous kickstarter comments, I highly doubt I would be backing these guys.
    I would also urge everyone to do so (especially ablogtowatch) to know who gets sponsored posts on the site.
    Raking in $1.2 million whilst not being able to fulfil orders in time, already starting a new campaign whilst the first one is bleeding out, f’in up customs on many orders, already having watches sent back because they’re not working, etc…

    Thanks, but no thanks.

  • Tony NW

    This could use a rewrite and new photos. I’m not sure why the watch is special or “smart” from the text, and the main photo – with the green band in the strap – is clearly heavily doctored. No mention of the “smart” features is made, and we’ve had kinetic chargers (AKA “automatics”) for many decades.

  • Keith Ritchie

    Was an early sponsor to the 1 and am still waiting for delivery, so many excuses!! no thanks once bitten twice shy!

  • russywhite

    I too sponsored the supercharger 1 and was one of the lucky ones to receive it a few months ago, had to pay customs into the UK. I wore the watch for about a month but due to only one of the described features actually working I have given up with it at the moment. It’s now been two months and the Android app hasn’t been updated. As a company they are very unreliable with communication, i would say buyer beware before funding this watch.

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