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Given the exponential growth of the pre-owned watch market in recent years, it’s safe to say that watch enthusiasts have more avenues to purchase pre-owned watches than ever before. There is now a huge variety of different options, and accordingly, it can be challenging for prospective buyers to decide who to trust when purchasing a pre-owned timepiece. Bucherer, the world’s largest watch retailer, has recently made significant strides with its Certified Pre-Owned watch program, implementing numerous buyer protections that ensure a safe and rewarding experience for customers. Not to mention, Bucherer offers an unmatched selection of pre-owned watches, boasting a constantly evolving inventory of everything from entry-level luxury to high-demand haute horology pieces, and everything in between.

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Being that the company is an authorized retailer for more than 50 brands, one of the primary advantages of Bucherer is its long-time partnership with popular luxury watch brands, such as Rolex, Breitling, Cartier, Omega, and many more. These longstanding relationships, in addition to Bucherer’s more than 130 years of heritage, give the retailer a level of expertise and scale that most other pre-owned watch outlets simply do not have. This May, it was announced that Bucherer is the first Certified Pre-Owned Rolex retailer. While its partnership with Rolex alone arguably gives Bucherer a leg up on most of its competition, the benefits of the Bucherer Certified Pre-Owned program don’t stop there.

Most collectors can agree that the most daunting aspect of shopping for a pre-owned watch is ensuring that what you’re getting is authentic and working without compromise. Thankfully, every Bucherer Certified Pre-Owned timepiece goes through an exacting authentication, servicing, and testing process.

Before making a pre-owned piece available for purchase, Bucherer watchmakers certified by the brands perform a meticulous, multi-stage inspection, followed by a complete overhaul and thorough service of the watch movement. Meanwhile, the watch undergoes a thorough assessment to confirm its authenticity, as well as the authenticity of every single one of its components. Once the rigorous inspection, authentication, and movement servicing is complete, Bucherer’s watchmakers regulate the movement, perform a water resistance assessment, and run a diagnostic test on all watch functions to ensure that the timepiece is performing as it should. The watchmakers then use ultrasonic equipment to thoroughly clean the timepiece, ensuring that it’s in immaculate condition before becoming available for sale. Finally, Bucherer backs each one of its certified pre-owned pieces with an international two-year Bucherer guarantee, giving buyers the utmost confidence in their purchase. Rolex wristwatches, as well as Cartier and Breitling purchased in Switzerland, receive warranties from each respective brand rather than through the retailer.

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In addition to boasting a vast inventory of certified pre-owned watches available for purchase online, Bucherer continues to expand its network of in-person certified pre-owned sales outlets. As of September 2023, there are now more than 50 Bucherer Certified Pre-Owned watch boutiques worldwide. While most online pre-owned watch outlets like Chrono24 require buyers to purchase watches sight unseen, Bucherer affords enthusiasts the opportunity to experience the watches in person before deciding to make a purchase. These locations, referred to as “CPO Lounges,” offer enthusiasts an open space to meet, discover, and experience pre-owned timepieces. With each CPO Lounge, Bucherer seeks to provide a warm, inviting atmosphere whereby everyone from seasoned collectors to first-time buyers can soak in the atmosphere, enjoy a coffee or drink, and learn more about watches.

Bucherer also buys and accepts trade-ins toward watches in its CPO Program, priding itself on offering fair market value for pre-owned watches. Enthusiasts looking to sell or trade in a watch can bring their timepiece(s) into any of Bucherer’s CPO Lounges for a free value assessment.

While Bucherer has always been regarded as one of the world’s most renowned luxury watch dealers of new inventory, the brand has officially established itself as one of the biggest players in the pre-owned watch market. Thanks to its partnerships with celebrated manufacturers like Rolex, an absolutely staggering inventory of timepieces, and an in-house team of certified watchmakers, Bucherer’s CPO Program offers prospective buyers a level of trust and choice that make it an extremely compelling outlet for pre-owned watches. Learn more about Bucherer’s CPO Program at the brand’s website.  

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