Sinn is a brand we always look forward to seeing at Baselworld and this year they have launched a 40th anniversary limited edition of their 144 Series chronograph. Easily one of Sinn’s most recognizable past models, the 144 has a highly focused military and aviation aesthetic. To that end, Sinn has not changed many details from the previous model, preserving the original design while incorporating some of the technologies they have developed since the 144 was originally released.


Officially called the 144 St S Jubilee, while this new chronograph may look identical to the original 144, it actually boasts Sinn’s TEGIMENT hardneded steel construction and a high grade black PVD finish. The original black 144 was not hardened and its black coating was actually chrome plating which was quite easily scratched. With a matching TEGIMENT steel and black PVD bracelet, Sinn has successfully updated the 144 without affecting its original and very successful design.

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Measuring 41 mm wide and 14.5 mm thick, the new 144 St S Jubilee retains the accessible sizing of the original model and includes an anti-reflective sapphire crystal in the front and a sapphire display case back. Sinn’s Ar dehumidifying system is also included and protects the watch from fogging should moisture somehow enter the case (you can see the insert in the left side of the case below).

Sinn-144-ST-S-Jubilee-3 Sinn-144-ST-S-Jubilee-6

The 144 Jubilee uses an ETA Valjoux 7750 automatic chronograph movement with a day and date display at three. Sinn makes some very tough watches and the new 144 is anti-magnetic to DIN 8309 and shock resistant to DIN 8308 standards. With a screw down crown, water resistance is 200 meters (660 ft) and the 144 is also low pressure resistant.

Wrist feel is excellent and aside from the Ar system on the side of the case, you could almost mistake the 144 Jubilee for new old stock of the original 144, which was produced for many years and is occasionally found used on enthusiast forums. The bracelet feels great and tapers nicely from the 22 mm lugs.

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Sinn-144-ST-S-Jubilee-8 Sinn-144-ST-S-Jubilee-7

The 41 mm case is ideal for my tastes and I love the all black finishing and the inclusion of the hardened steel for the case and bracelet. This is a look with a near universal appeal and as Sinn is only producing 300 units at $2,960 USD each, interested parties should act fast as this limited edition will likely sell out quickly.

Sinn-144-ST-S-Jubilee-2 Sinn-144-ST-S-Jubilee-5

While the practice of brands referencing historic and “iconic” models is now exceedingly common, it doesn’t make the Sinn 144 St S Jubilee any less cool. While you could certainly find a clean used original example online, Sinn has saved some 300 buyers the trouble of buying a used 144 and has sweetened the deal with a host of updated and very welcome features.

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