Sinn Arktis 203 WatchesIn a way, actually many ways, German Sinn watches are like military vehicles. They are built to last not only because the customer demands it, but because Sinn puts a large investment into their products and does not want to replace them anytime soon. Take the AMC Huvmee, which was designed in the mid 1980s and is still the most widely used vehicle in the US Army. No consumer car would last that long and still be built. Sure lots of things have changed about the Humvee (Hummer H1), but it retains the same shape and feel. The applies to Sinn watches to a large degree. The Sinn 203 series of watches was designed over 15 years ago, and still have a wonderful lasting quality to it. Perhaps it is because it is a much a machine as it is a watch, a Sinn watch is meant to last both stylistically, and functionally for a long time.

The Sinn 203 Arktis was designed as an extreme conditions chronograph. Meaning it retains accuracy well below freezing, and almost at boiling temperatures. The metal used resists corrosions, and of course you can dive to 300 meters with it. The case is filled with Argon gas for deep watch pressure sustainability, and the modified ETA Valjoux 7750 movement uses a special lubricant that will not freeze. All these features, plus more are designed for the planetary extremes, and yet most Sinn Arktis wearers will never experience most of what this watch can sustain.

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Most people notice the glacial blue watch face of the Sinn Arktis which is really the standout design feature of the watch. Think of it as an icy metallic blue. The Sinn Arktis face collects nothing but attention for this most notable of features. Whether it is with the matching blue toned leather strap, or the signature Sinn steel bracelet, the Sinn Artkis is a great lasting impression of attractive functionality. It does not need to win any modern design awards, because it is a tool among everything else. Sinn watches are among my favorites as they never disappoint and always leave you wondering what dangerous activity you could be engaging in while wearing one.

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