This will be German Sinn’s new flagship rough activity watch, and the tenth watch to bear the EZM title. I quite love this watch and further find it interesting that it is quite retro in design in comparison to where the EZM series was going. Though not like 1950’s retro – which is a darn good thing. Nevertheless, the piece contains some great modern technology and will make Sinn fans and newbies to the brand alike want one.

“EZM” stands for “Einsatzzeitmesser” which means “mission timer.” These are among Sinn’s more serious pieces and have been delighting both collectors and the people that really need them for years. The release of a new EZM watch is always cause for pause. As of writing this article, the Sinn EZM 10 is still in “pre-official announcement mode.” I will update this article with more details and images as they become available – so sorry for the fuzzy looking scan.

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The look and design of this watch feels like something out of the Lemania 5100 movement days. Even the movement is meant to remind you of the Lemania 5100 I feel – which may very well be what Sinn modified or used as a base design for the movement – or something similar to that. Sinn is calling the automatic movement their caliber SZ01. We will get more details on that soon. Offering a cool tri-compax subdial array, the chronograph features a central seconds and minutes indicator (yay!), as well as a subdial for the chronograph hours. There are also subdials for the time seconds and a synchronized 24 hour indicator (AM/PM indicator more or less). Beautifully symmetrical, the dial is both legible and packed with useful features. There is also a date indicator of course.

Also very important is that the movement features Sinn’s coveted DIAPAL technology which uses a lubrication-free escapement. This is also one of the first Sinn DIAPAL (diamond palette) watches that does not have the metallic gray dial, but rather a more traditional black dial.

Don’t you love those almost Tutima-style inset chronograph pushers on the case? They offer a clean look, but also tend to be easy to operate. The case is 44mm wide in tegimented titanium. Tegimented steel is a material Sinn uses that is treated to be much harder than steel. This is the first time I have seen Sinn offer tegimented titanium. As titanium is a tough, but soft metal, I am curious to know how this affects its scratch resistance.  The chronograph pushers are done in PVD black. Overall I think the case material is just one of the Sinn EZM 10’s strong points.

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Over the rotating bezel is a sapphire crystal insert. Another first for Sinn, following suit with brands like Blancpain and Bremont who offer this to the delight of wearers. Sapphire crystal on bezels gives them a nice mixture of legibility and durability. Given that it is an EZM model, the case will have all the requisite “super man watch” technologies such as being highly water resistant, temperature resistant (-45 degrees C – +80 degrees C), have Sinn’s anti humidity (Ar technology) feature, be highly anti-magnetic, and also be very shock resistant.  Also worth mentioning is how the EZM 10 watch comes with a 5 year warranty.

Sinn will offer the EZM 10 on at least two strap options (leather or silicone) and on a titanium bracelet. I love the functionality, the sort of retro looks of the watch (more like 1970s retro if anything), and of course the durability. This is gonna be the new grail Sinn piece for many people. According to Sinn it will be available in November 2011. Price? Higher than most Sinn watches but perhaps worth it given all the next features and the technology. Prices start at 3,950 Euros on the leather strap, to 4,170 Euros on a silicone strap (must be some strap), and 4,250 Euros on the titanium bracelet. Check for updates on this Germanic beauty soon.

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