There are few Baselworld meetings I look forward to more than meeting with Sinn, as this small German brand offers of one of the most solid line of sports watches in the entire industry. In support of that line, Sinn has released a new limited edition version of their EZM 7. The new Sinn EZM 7 S is a great example of what makes Sinn so appealing; they provide a truly hardcore, well-made and entirely overly-engineered watch for a reasonable price with a charm that is entirely German – no engineering stone left unturned.


Among a handful of new watches for 2015, Sinn showed the limited edition Sinn EZM 7 S, a limited edition black version of their watch designed for the German fire brigade that uses a brightly colored dial and bezel to help manage the use of the respirator systems that keep fire fighters alive while they do their job. While I understand that few of us are firefighters, you have to be dead inside to not fall in love with this super cool GMT watch and its amazing use of color.

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The Sinn EZM 7 S is 43mm wide with a steel case that is finished with a tegiment black hard coating for additional scratch resistance. Thickness is a wrist-friendly 12mm and the weight (without a strap) is 90 grams. On the rubber strap shown in the photos, the Sinn EZM 7 S is very wearable and ready for everyday use.


Few brands have a stable of secondary features at their disposal like Sinn’s, and the Sinn EZM 7 S gets all of the best bits of technology that they have to offer, including antimagnetic protection to DIN 8309 (80,000 M/a), anti-shock to DIN 8308, water resistant to 200m (DIN 8310, with a screw down crown), Sinn’s Ar-dehumidifying system, low-pressure resistance, temperature resistance from -45C to +80C and a captive bezel system (secured snap-on bezel design). Be sure to check out Sinn’s tech glossary for more information on these features and technologies. The Sinn EZM 7 S also features a left-side crown to ensure that the watch is comfortable, even when your wrist is at awkward angles or when you’re wearing gloves.


With an ETA-2893-2 automatic movement, the Sinn EZM 7 S has an independent 24-hour GMT hand, 21 jewels, and runs at 4Hz. There is a simple but easy-to-use 24-hour scale along the inner circumference of the dial and on whole the legibility of the Sinn EZM 7 S is fantastic.

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The iteration that we saw at Baselworld was fitted to a comfy and colorful red rubber strap with a matching black fold-over push-button clasp. The strap is very bright but seems to match the rainbow of dial accent colors and the dark tone of the case. The rubber strap is soft and did a good job of conforming to my wrist.


As far as presence, the color helps a great deal. Taking a military-style watch and adding this much color makes for a really interesting and impactful wrist presence, rendering the Sinn EZM 7 S a watch you will not soon forget.

Needless to say, we really dig the Sinn EZM 7 and think that it exemplifies so many of Sinn’s strengths while offering something entirely separate from anything else on the market. Yes, Sinn makes many watches with much more conservative aesthetics, but you likely already know about those models, and the Sinn EZM 7 S made us smile because it’s just so Sinn.


Sinn is producing just 300 units of the Sinn EZM 7 S with a list price of $2730 USD, but US readers can check with Sinn’s exclusive US retailer to confirm US pricing once the Sinn EZM 7 S is available. As always, it was a treat to see Sinn’s 2015 line up at Baselworld and, while we will be sharing more new models soon, we felt the Sinn EZM 7 S was simply a great example of Sinn doing what it does best.

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