After showing the limited edition U212 S E at Baselworld earlier this year, Sinn is expanding their core dive watch collection with the Sinn U212 EZM 16. For those wanting their hyper-focused mission timer platform in a larger package, Sinn has taken the general design of the UX and applied it to a 47mm steel case and a Swiss automatic movement. With the standard color scheme for a Sinn EZM model, the Sinn U212 EZM 16 diver’s watch is both a more legible tool for actual diving and an appealing sport watch for big-wristed desk divers everywhere.

Porting a successful design to suit a wider size preference is a great way to strengthen a lineup and Sinn already covers a wide spread of 41mm (EZM 13 and T2 EZM 15), 44mm (U1, UX, and U1000), and 45mm (T1 EZM 14). Unlike the U212 S E, which was limited to 300 units and wore a distinctive sand on black PVD color scheme, the Sinn U212 in its new EZM 16 guise looks more like a UX or a U2 (minus the second timezone).

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With a 47mm case made of German submarine steel and matching screw down crown at four o’clock, the Sinn U212 EZM 16 is 14.5mm thick and is water resistant to 1000m. As is common on their mission timers, Sinn has fitted the Sinn U212 EZM 16 with a tegimented steel bezel that is hardened and more scratch resistant than standard steel.

Also common among Sinn’s sport watches is their assortment of specialized technologies, compliance standards, and certifications. Unsurprisingly, the Sinn U212 EZM 16 is no slouch in this area, with low pressure resistance, an operating temperature range of -45C to +80C, European dive equipment certification with DNV GL, and Sinn’s Ar-Dehumidifying technology that protects the watch from fogging and the associated degradation of the movement lubrication via uncontrolled humidity (read more here).

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While it may bear a resemblance to the UX, the Sinn U212 EZM 16 sports a Sellita SW 300-1 automatic Swiss movement. Essentially a direct competitor to Swatch/ETA’s 2892, the SW 300 offers time plus date with hacking seconds and hand winding supported by 25 jewels and a rate of 4Hz. Within the Sinn U212 EZM 16, Sinn has also ensured the movement is shock resistant to DIN 8308 and anti-magnetic to DIN 8309 standards.

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The Sinn U212 EZM 16 is not especially hard to understand, it takes all of the best bits from Sinn’s smaller diver watches and fits them into a bigger case. As there is a proven market for large dive watches (Panerai Luminor Submersible, Omega Ploprof, Halios Puck, Seiko Tuna, Marathon Jumbo LGP), the Sinn U212 EZM 16 is a wise decision for Sinn’s dive-focused line up. Additionally, for the few that will dive with the Sinn U212 EZM 16, the extra size will undoubtedly be welcome in poor visibility or low light situations.


Available with either a black silicone strap (fitted with your choice of an expandable folding dive clasp or a butterfly folding clasp) for a price of $2740 USD or a steel bracelet with expanding dive clasp for $2840 USD, the Sinn U212 EZM 16 continues Sinn’s strong value for a truly hardcore sports watch. Also of note, if you like the size but want something a little different, the limited Sinn U212 S E can still be found for $2870 on a silicone strap.

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