Skagen 85xltmxb and 585xltmxm watches

I was curious as to what Skagen considered to be their flagship watch, so I asked them. The Danish brand has seemingly always been around in the watch world. Brands tend to have iconic looks and technologies that are imbued into flagship products that communicate the brand. Skagen’s entire watch product line has a few common themes. These include use of minimalist design, titanium as often as possible, thin case profiles, function forward attitudes, Swiss movements, and reasonable prices. For 2009, Skagen replied that the watch that communicates all these notions are the men’s 585XLTMXB and 585XLTMXM watches. The difference between the two models is one is constructed of gray toned titanium, while the other uses a darker black toned titanium.

Let’s go back a step while I give you my take on Skagen watches. A lot of the time I wake up and want to wear a serious “show me the money” watch. That isn’t about glitz, but rather about “I am going to go out and conquer the day!” Other days I want to be more subtle, look at my watch to get the time. That is a Skagen appropriate day.  You’ll find that most Skagen watches are gray. I feel that this helps them “blend” in, and a lot of the time that is what you want. Blending in isn’t easy. It takes a smooth crisp design that works without effort. Skagen watches do this. They aren’t a “show me” watch. They are a good go to watch when you just feel like being functional, and simple; qualities that are underrated a lot of the time.

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The 585XLTMXB and 585XLTMXM watches are traditional two-hand (no seconds) watches with full titanium cases and bracelets. The faces are totally minimalistic with just the hour indicators and thin hands used for quick reference by the wearer, not everyone around him. I like how the crystal shape integrates with the bracelet design, something you don’t see everyday. The watch case is thin at only 8mm, and the case is 38mm wide. A quartz movement powers the watches, and Skagen is nice enough to provide a lifetime movement warranty. They can easily do this as problems with the movements are very rare (and they don’t cost that much anyway).

I concur with Skagen that these should be considered flagship watches. They embody exactly what the brand wants to communicate, and will look good on just about anyone, without calling too much attention. As a gift, or as a watch for quieter days, a Skagen is a decent choice. Look for the 85XLTMXB and 585XLTMXM watches available soon. Retail price is $275, expect street price to be a bit less, in the many places Skagen watches are sold.

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