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Welcome to the world of wonderfully weird watches. In this special sponsored section I’d like to introduce you to an interesting watch that will appeal to the person who thrives on living just outside the norm. By Dexter Sinister – the brand of intriguing contradiction – comes the Hex, a collection of three watches available Yes, the timepiece is different, but has a functionally inspired design that lends to the allure of this horological curio. See below for a special reader discount.

The interest starts with the heavy satin-finished steel case (also available in black) that was designed in a wind-tunnel and has reverse tear-drop shape. It looks like a space ship but rides on your wrist. The case is 40mm wide by 52mm tall, and centrally weighted to sit even on your wrist. A true driver’s watch, it is meant for motorcycle riding and car driving – and makes as much a statement as your ride does. The case lifts the movement and dial at a 35 degree angle so that it is easier to read the watch while not having the twist the wrist. This helps with reading the time while your hands are on handle bars or a steeling wheel. The unorthodox shape feels comfortable on the wrist with its ergonomically curved caseback and lugs that wrap around your wrist. The custom shaped mineral crystal is almost flush with the case, helping to create an organic curved look for the watch as a whole.

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A thick and wide leather strap is massive at 27mm wide – matching other leather wrist wear with ease (especially for the biker bunch who loves black leather). The buckle is signed with the Dexter Sinister logo. The Hex has character – a lot of it. There is an unrefined wild streak that is almost defined by the red devil’s trident chronograph seconds hand (normal second hand on the three-hand automatic model). The chronograph model has a Japanese Miyota  movement with a 60 minute timer, subsidiary seconds hand, as well as a synchronized 24 hour hand (useful for 24 hour time reference and as an AM/PM indicator). Subdials contrast for a good look that aids with legibility – this is one of the best elements of the dial design. Hour markers are luminant filled, while there is a strip of luminant on the hands as well, for easy night viewing. The chronograph Hex watches are available with a  gray or black toned dial.

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The automatic mechanical watch  is a totally different creature for the most sinister segment of watch lovers. The watch even looks mysteriously sensual with organic curvy lines – which is exactly the provocative look that Dexter Sinister is going for. It wants other people viewing the wearer of the Hex Automatic to question under their breath, “What’s that watch I am seeing? I’d like to know the story behind that?” While the hour numerals are black on black, emphasis is on the red seconds hand as it sweeps around the dial ominously. The underworld black tones of the watch make for a chic modern industrial look that feels right with the proper outfit – all leather, all black, and handsomely aggressive. Wear the watch properly and it will reward you.

While other watches try to be the timepiece for every occasion – the Dexter Sinister Hex is a choice watch for the right occasion. A strange and different look for strange and different events. Different doesn’t need to mean hard to read – and the Hex collection is nicely legible. The Hex watches look as though they rose from the depths with smooth edges and a dial that looks as though it is contained in a large drop of water secured to your wrist. Dexter Sinister Hex watches retail at $499 but are available to readers for $350 if you use the promotional code HEXME at when checking out. If you aren’t 100% satisfied with the watch, return it for a full refund.

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