A deep sense of childish excitement erupted when I laid my eyes on these early renderings of the new Star Wars collection watches by Marc Ecko. The brand and trademark (for Marc Ecko watches) is now owned by the Timex group, who are probably going to do a good job at making Marc Ecko watches look much nicer. I have not always been a fan of the brand’s offerings, see this article of mine here. Actually come to think of it, I don’t see at all how a Star Wars themed watch fits into the Marc Ecko style at all, though I am perhaps missing something the designer did in the past. Regardless, who cares? These new watches are going to be pretty darn awesome! I don’t really care what brand name is slapped on them as long as they look good and are done with decent quality standards.


For one thing, I don’t think that this is going to be the whole collection, but rather 2-3 preliminary watch renderings, and there will be more. Plus, the watches will likely be split into a “Dark Side” line, and the reciprocal, which is “Light Side?” Maybe Jedi, or Rebellion? Something like that. Of course there have been Star Wars watches in the past, but these are something different. Why? Because instead of just printing the Rebel Alliance logo or Chewbacca’s face on the dial of an otherwise plain-jane watch, the entire watch is built on a theme. Not just that, but there will be special features that each watch has including sound effects and more! Some of the basic features we will see is the Timex Indiglo dial lumination on the watches, as well as some with analog hands on top of a digital LCD screen face (see at least the Boba Fett watch). We will see what other cool stuff the final timepieces have.

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mark-ecko-boba-fett-star-wars-watch1 marck-ecko-star-wars-storm-troopers-watch

In addition to the special features each watch will have, there will be a number of different materials used in the watch including at least some metal, plastic (ideally on a marginal amount), nylon, and rubber. Hopefully enough metal to make them feel a bit bulky (a good thing). There will be different sizes for the watches as well. The pictured Boba Fett watch looks pretty tall, and comes in a 44mm wide case with a 22mm wide strap. Alternatively, the two different Storm Troopers watches will be 48mm wide and come with a 24mm wide strap – big and totally bitchin’.

So we have three basic watches so far. You can tell that each is well designed based on the actual characters or themes. For bounty hunter lovers, the Boba Fett watch is going to be the best. Each timepieces seems to be designed so that it would look good being worn on the actual characters they are designed after. Thus, the Boba Fett watch is designed to resemble his armor suit, and I think Timex did a good job with it. I like that it is large and substantial looking. It is actually designed with a case that is at an angle for slightly easier reading. Plus, it has those cool “battle damage” weathered effects that most items in the Star Wars universe are known for. I also like what appears to be a sporty looking wrap around strap. Lastly, there on the dial you can see the little Marc Ecko Rhino logo which probably looks better there than what would could have been a cheesily placed “Star Wars” logo.

storm-troopers marc-ecko-star-wars-dark-side-storm-troopers-watch

The black and white Storm Troopers watch is my favorite as it looks like an actual part of the Storm Troopers plastoid armor outfit. It comes complete with an imperial (empire) logo on the crown – also know as the “dark side” logo. The other Storm Troopers watch (maybe actually the same watch)  is more an homage to the clonarrific soldiers with bad aim complete with a helmet on the dial. The colors are odd though, and look either to either be one of two things. Either it is a different colored version of the black and white Storm Troopers watch, or alternatively a “dark shot” of the watch as it might show the luminated dial and a strap that glows in the dark. This watch does has the Star Wars logo on it, and again the Marc Ecko logo.

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No work on the price yet, but I don’t think they will be too much. Under $250 most likely, but we will see. Two more things that you will want to know. There is a hint on the Storm Troopers watch that the timepieces are going to be part of a limited edition. Perhaps as few as under 1000 pieces each. They might also be a serial edition, meaning they are individually numbered. Lastly, the watches are due to be released at the end of 2009. Hopefully in time for the holidays.

Proof at Marc Ecko’s blog.

See Star Wars watches on eBay here.

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