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Straton Watch Co. Syncro Watch

Straton Watch Co. Syncro Watch Watch Releases Sponsored Post written for aBlogtoWatch by advertiser.

For me, watches from the ’60s/’70s, and especially chronographs, are the most aesthetically pleasing to look at in terms of design. It’s no wonder iconic watches in the form of reissues are making a comeback, as well as those from independents and microbrands alike, putting out more and more vintage/retro-inspired designs since the market is responding so well to them. The Straton Watch Co. Syncro is our latest introduction, and we wish to share it with you.

Straton Watch Co. Syncro Watch Watch Releases

Straton Watch Co. Syncro Watch Watch Releases

Straton Watch Co. Syncro Watch Watch Releases

The Straton Watch Co. Syncro is my latest ’70s-inspired offering, building on the success already established by Straton Watch Co. In 2015/16 with the launch of the Vintage Driver Chrono and Curve Chrono watches on Kickstarter, both of which raised a combined total of over $350,000 and delivering just over 2,000 watches to customers around the world in the last 12 months, one can say given the feedback and support from new and existing customers I have a solid foundation on which to build further success with the brand.

Straton Watch Co. Syncro Watch Watch Releases

Straton Watch Co. Syncro Watch Watch Releases

Straton Watch Co. Syncro Watch Watch Releases

The Straton Watch Co. Syncro is a combination of two styles working in unity hence the chosen model name. These two styles consist of automotive (general appeal, chronograph, checkered racing bezel) and diving (20ATM water resistance, block minute dive bezel). What’s important to me is the ability to offer a watch with various options, covering the market in terms of size and budget which is why the Straton Watch Co. Syncro comes with two different case size options, 40mm and 44mm appealing to both smaller and larger wrist sizes.

Secondly, the watch is available with two movement choices, a Seiko VK64 meca-quartz and a Seiko NE88 column wheel automatic movement. Furthermore, there are two domed sapphire crystal bezel designs, the choice of having a watch with or without date, and various strap options. All these options are available with any of the two movement choices and in either case size.

Straton Watch Co. Syncro Watch Watch Releases

Straton Watch Co. Syncro Watch Watch Releases

Aesthetically, my intention was for the Straton Watch Co. Syncro to speak to those who find specific ’70s chronographs appealing such as the Breitling Datora 2031, Yema Rallye Chrono, or Heuer Autavia 1163, to name a few, all of which the Syncro draws influence from. These watches are iconic to say the least, and with the Syncro’s non-round sub-dial shape and dial layout it’s easy to see the resemblance to these watches without being a direct copy of any one watch – a fusion of multiple designs, creating its own identity. With that in mind, the Straton Watch Co. Syncro intends to be a daily wearable alternative to those looking to preserve their prized collectables or those looking for a watch which can pull off that authentic ’70s look but with a modern touch.

Straton Watch Co. Syncro Watch Watch Releases

Straton Watch Co. Syncro Watch Watch Releases

In regards to the movement choices for the Straton Watch Co. Syncro, the NE-88 is Seiko’s flagship automatic chronograph movement. It runs at a high frequency of 28,000 beats per hour and has a vertical clutch that eliminates the “jumping second hand” at the start of a chronograph measurement. The column wheel is an advanced feature that coordinates the chronograph functions in a way that ensures smooth operation and less stress for other components. The power reserve is more than 45 hours, and the movement houses no fewer than 34 jewels. It is a formidable opponent to any comparable Swiss Made chronograph movement.

Straton Watch Co. Syncro Watch Watch Releases

The NE88 Automatic version of the Straton Watch Co. Syncro is limited to a first production run of just 200 pieces – currently, there are just over 50 still available on its Kickstarter launch. The Automatic version goes for a very respectable pre-order price of 719 Swiss francs (Approx. $730). When compared to other brands using this movement which ask for anywhere upwards of $1,500 per watch, it puts into perspective the attractive offer the Straton Watch Co. Syncro presents.

Straton Watch Co. Syncro Watch Watch Releases

Straton Watch Co. Syncro Watch Watch Releases

Since not everyone can justify paying the premium for an Automatic watch, the Seiko VK64 meca-quartz is a reliable alternative, an option which gives the user the best of both worlds when it comes to affordability and function. The VK64 is a hybrid movement developed by Seiko which combines the accuracy of a quartz watch (+/- 20 seconds average per month), a mechanical chronograph-feel with a 5-beat-per-second sweep chronograph hand, and a fly-back chronograph reset. This movement gives a great user experience that will even appeal to owners of mechanical chronographs. Without a running second hand, at a glance one would not be able to tell it’s a quartz watch especially when activating the 5-beat-per-second sweep Chronograph function. The Straton Syncro meca-quartz pre-order price will start from 329 Swiss francs (Approx. $340).

Straton Watch Co. Syncro Watch Watch Releases

Straton Watch Co. Syncro Watch Watch Releases

With the Straton Watch Co. Syncro’s different case size options, while 44mm may be on the larger size, its lug-to-lug measurement of around 50mm allows it to fit a wrist size of 6.5inchs and upward depending on the flatness of one’s wrist. The 40mm case with a lug-to-lug measurement of 46mm, while small, has sufficient wrist presence given its height. Those looking for a slim watch can avoid the Straton Watch Co. Syncro. With its height at around 15mm including the domed sapphire crystal, it is still on par with modern automatic chronographs. And considering its case profile broken down with its polished beveled edge and bezel, it does not feel like an overly tall watch at all, and moreover very much in proportion with itself.

Straton Watch Co. Syncro Watch Watch Releases

Straton Watch Co. Syncro Watch Watch Releases

Specifications are as follows:

  • Case Material – 316L (surgical grade) stainless steel, polished and brushed steel – Version E black is DLC coated (Diamond-Like Carbon)
  • Case Size – 44mm or 40mm
  • Lug To Lug – 44mm case: 49.9mm
  • Lug To Lug – 40mm case: 46.0mm
  • Case Thickness – 14.9mm with domed sapphire
  • Movement – NE88 Automatic (limited to a first production run of 200 pieces) or Seiko VK64 meca-quartz hybrid
  •  Crystal – Domed sapphire crystal
  •  Hands – Luminescent hour hands, C3 Super-LumiNova
  • Crown – Screw-down
  • Bi-directional rotating domed sapphire crystal bezel
  • Strap – 44mm case: 22mm width; 40mm case: 20mm width
  • Water Resistance – 20ATM/200m
  • Warranty – 24 months

Straton Watch Co. Syncro Watch Watch Releases

For those interested in the Straton Watch Co. Syncro, head to the Kickstarter campaign which is live until March 5th, 2017. You can view the Kickstarter page here.

You are also welcome to join the Straton Facebook or Instagram

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  • SuperStrapper

    Thumbs up, I enjoy these quite a bit. Well thought out designs. I was ready to cringe at the bezel material but you went with sapphire, so bravo. Nice work also for not making any excuses on the watches or your decisions.

    Certainly among the best Sponsored Posts we’ve had here.

    • cluedog12

      Was thinking the same thing. Should have awards for the best and worst Sponsored Posts every year, as voted by readers. Improved quality of advertisements and additional exposure/pageviews would benefit everyone – us, ABTW and advertisers.

  • Spaceguitar

    I could see myself with a couple versions of the NE88 version. This ticks a lot of boxes for me. Well done Straton.

  • funkright

    This, of all the sponsored posts, is one that I find most interesting and likely to purchase. Given its price point and aesthetics I could see wearing it as a daily piece with limited worries. Nice.

  • Gokart Mozart

    I think i like it. Nice case shape, interesting dial, and respectable size (40mm) and good price.

    But why make the automatic only 200 pieces?

  • chaos215bar2

    Impressive. This checks all the boxes for me: price, design, materials, and features. Pretty much an instant buy, and they’ve already hit some of the stretch goals (including AR coating) to boot. Just wish I had seen this soon enough to catch the early bird deals.

  • Sheez Gagoo

    I have to admit, they are nice looking. A little bit like a KonTiki, but nice.

  • cluedog12

    Elapsed minutes in the auto version is a bit tough to read, due to missing markings on either side of the 30. Otherwise just great.

    An early favourite for ABTW’s 2017 Sponsored Post of the Year. (This should be a thing.)

    • egznyc

      Great idea! But would it be the readership that decides? Or the staff of writers, etc.? I’d prefer the former – a sort of people’s choice award.

  • Word Merchant

    I think this is very good indeed.

    Nice design, great colour choices, good materials – pleased to read the bezel is sapphire, good price and at this level the choice of mechanical or quartz, date or no date is rather inspired. I even like the case back, which itself has a very well designed look.

    And it doesn’t look anything like a Rolex sub knockoff. Kudos for that too.

  • Ron-W

    Choices choices choices , is what consumers want. Top post Straton, wish you the best.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    Reminds me of another watch i hate, the Tag Monaco,……..sorry to sound so miserable but their it is.
    Is this What do you think a new feature ?. If it is can you add a couple more options ie boring and super boring

  • Dennis Juenger

    A most excellent venture, outstanding design combined with rock solid fundamentals. I for one can not wait to receive mine and am looking forward to participating in the future journey of this company.

  • IG

    I hate 70s design, clownish.

  • DanW94

    I love the vintage look of these but IMO the dive bezel looks out of place coupled with the tachymeter and the obvious racing design cues. I much prefer their Curve chronograph from earlier this year.

  • ??????

    I like these MUCH more than his first offer. Mature design, excellent choice of materials and caliber. All in all – among the best micro offers so far. Anyway, I don’t like auto-motor inspired timepieces, have grown severe allergy to them.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    If you want the vintage look, …….buy a vintage watch. If you like the look that much accept the fact that it might need a bit more loving than a spanking new piece, but no pun intended, thats the price you pay. ……Moving on………

  • GhostlyProduct

    Chunky, but funky.

  • Richard carroll

    Very handsome. Great value. I’d go the quartz.

  • Lincolnshire Poacher

    Attractive looking watches. Remind me a little of those Vratislavai Conceptum chronographs. Similar vintage motor-sport inspired style.
    Very popular on the forums. I wish the company all the best, I’m sure this watch will be a success.

  • ILOW

    40 or 44mm case… date or no date… decisions decisions!

  • thecouchguy

    I like it quite a lot. However I’m broke…

    • Andrew Buckley

      Me too…on both fronts.

  • Shinyitis

    Impressed with the modernised Monaco bi-compax layout, even with the substantial lugs of the Kontiki. Prefer the crosshairs rather than the blocks on sapphire bezel, logo ok, hands and lume are just right! Successful kickstarters make me happy.

  • Mark1884

    I like the retro look. Prefer the blue dial w/white subs. Just a cool watch. Not going to over analyze it.

  • Shinytoys

    The vintage chrono look is spot on. NE-88 movement makes it damn close to bulletproof. The numbers are right too. It’s a win…

  • Mischa Vladivostok

    Very cute! Lovely mature look, vintage but not obscenely so. I’m actually considering ordering one. (decisions, decisions)

  • BILL*

    Not too shabby. The one bezel is a little too crazy, but other than that…

  • mtnsicl

    The, “What do you think”, above, has no choices if you don’t like the watch. How rigged is that? I’m telling you, this is a place that I find myself coming to less and less as time goes by. If I see something I like, I pretty much do an Internet search for it and leave. The watch? All I see is someone trying to jam a square in a round hole. The ’70’s were the teenage years of anything that we as humans designed, zits and all. It needs to stay in the past!

    • Ariel Adams

      In response to your statement, if you have something constructive to offer and don’t like the watch, that is what the written comments are for. I do not believe that merely clicking “I don’t like it,” is useful to the community. If there is a comment you’d like to make as to why something could be improved (outside of simply not appealing to your subjective aesthetic tastes) we’d like for you to explain the reasoning behind it in detail. That allows for information that can help others make decisions as well as provide feedback to the product makers to understand how they can potentially improve their offerings in the future. Thanks for commenting.

      • mtnsicl

        Well, of course you don’t. Because you want it to appear that everyone likes everything on the site. So, if you only give those choices, that’s all you’ll get. How about having a choice of, “not feeling it”, “not for me”, “not my style” or “I wouldn’t buy it”?

        • disqus_HbXecgZ8lG

          Small dick. Am I right ?

      • mtnsicl

        You have a,”thumbs up” choice. How about a, “thumbs down” choice? That keeps things, “fair and balanced”.

      • BILL*

        Ariel, thanks for finally answering this question directly. I’ve seen a few people ask you the same thing and you’ve kinda beaten around the bush.

      • Alex Vonspeed

        If you read all his other comments on other blogs it quickly becomes clear he bitches & moans about everything. He must be great fun at parties.

  • cg

    Very nice…


    good effort but at 40mm and 15mm thick it is a small tower. one of the cases where bigger is probably better

  • Matthew Butler

    This watch looks good. It’s different. I like it. Would i buy one? Thats a whole other story.