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On this special episode of the SUPERLATIVE podcast, aBlogtoWatch founder Ariel Adams is joined by Eddie Goziker, co-founder and co-owner of luxury watch retailer Wrist Aficionado. The two talk about how Wrist Aficionado got its start and why the company chose to expand to brick-and-mortar retail, what makes the Wrist Aficionado experience different, and how it has adapted to changes in the market and collecting habits. Plus, Eddie shares how his first career as a dentist informs how he runs Wrist Aficionado! Listen below or on the player of your choice.

Eddie Goziker (left) and Vadim Yakubov (right), co-founders and co-owners of Wrist Aficionado

The lounge area at one of Wrist Aficionado’s retail stores

Wrist Aficionado is one of the preeminent retailers of luxury watches. Founded in 2017 by Eddie Goziker and Vadim Yakubov as a digital destination for discerning watch collectors, the company quickly expanded into brick-and-mortar retail with shops just off Fifth Avenue in New York City, in the Setai Hotel in Miami Beach, and a third location opening in Beverly Hills this year. Wrist Aficionado sets itself apart from other luxury goods retailers with an upscale buying experience and above-and-beyond service curated to every client. With a sterling reputation, unrivaled client service, and an exceptional inventory of watches and other luxury goods, Wrist Aficionado continues to deliver one of the best buying experiences in the business.

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To learn more and browse Wrist Aficionado’s extraordinary inventory, you can visit the retailer’s website and follow on Instagram


  • 1:00 How Wrist Aficionado got its start and why it decided to grow
  • 7:20 The Wrist Aficionado retail experience
  • 12:14 Eddie and Ariel discuss the watch market
  • 26:50 The recent growth of luxury watch brands and how Wrist Aficionado maintains relationships with them
  • 32:09 What makes Wrist Aficionado different
  • 43:08 Drawing on disparate backgrounds to run a modern watch retailer
  • 49:53 Modern watch collecting
  • 58:08 What’s next for Wrist Aficionado

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