One of the things I do on a regular basis is help watch brands understand how timepiece enthusiasts like us want to be spoken to. To me, this is so important because having a good relationship with a brand is often a prerequisite for wanting to buy its products. There are so many cool watches produced by brands that don’t know how to form functioning relationships with consumers. That means people never hear about their products, or, alternatively, are put off for some reason each time they hear from a brand such that they never really take that company’s products seriously in the first place.

All of this comes down to watch brands engaging in proper communication, a topic that also happens to be something I am passionate about. The goal of this post is to present watch lovers with a few survey questions that help me (and any brands paying attention) understand your mood, preferences, and habits when it comes to watch brand communication preferences, especially online. Once a few weeks have passed, I will study the results of this survey and come back with an analysis. That said, once you enter your answer, you’ll get to see how other people responded, so I think if you participate in this survey, you will end up learning a lot.

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Watches bringing joy at a recent aBlogtoWatch event.

Some of the questions below are part of how a brand communicates with you but are tangential and related to your overall expectations of the brand. These questions are based on trends I’ve been seeing in the world of wristwatch marketing communications, and I feel that brands deserve to know how consumers respond to some of their more novel and experimental outreach strategies.

At the end of the post, feel free to comment with your thoughts on how you prefer watch brands to communicate with you and mistakes companies may make that harm rather than hasten a watch hobbyist’s ability to form a meaningful relationship with a timepiece maker.


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Thank you for taking the time to fill out this brief survey and I look forward to seeing your feedback.

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