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Swiss-based Formex just unveiled its new diver’s watch — a COSC-certified Automatic Chronometer it calls REEF. However, what might be most eye-catching for those who know the company is a complete overhaul of its branding. It’s worth noting that Formex stuck with its old logo for 20 years. With a recent change in ownership and an updated product lineup, a visual upgrade of its brand identity seemed like the next step for Formex.

 It’s been five years since Raphael Granito, a Biel/Bienne native, took the helm at Formex. He infuses the brand with know-how, materials, and engineered features from high-end watch manufacturing. Since Formex’s move to a direct-to-consumer strategy in 2016, interacting with watch enthusiasts has been key to its product development. With the logo update, Granito and his team certainly also respond to feedback received by the ablogtowatch community.

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The old Formex logo was around for 20 years. The italic font and the red color in it was a great look for the 90s — and it reflected that high-octane spirit of the brand’s racing watches. The new icon shows Formex’s signature hexagon screw, which has always been a design and functional feature in Formex watches. Those with some imagination will see a stylized F and X combined to an infinity loop.

Formex, literally a combination of the two French words “forme” and “extreme,” remains true to its roots with its current CEO being an avid skydiver and racecar driver himself. However, the new Formex watches, as seen with the Essence and now the REEF collection, are more wearable in terms of size, finish, and fit. Due to their engineering, prototyping, and manufacturing capabilities, their growing community can count on technical innovations and the use of special materials in future developments. You can join them by subscribing to the brand’s newsletter or joining its private Facebook group.


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