Today, Swiss TAG Heuer timepieces is launching its next major smartwatch release with the simply-named new TAG Heuer Connected. This latest luxury smartwatch from TAG Heuer will go on sale today. The aBlogtoWatch team will experience the 2020 TAG Heuer Connected firsthand shortly, but for now, some quick points about this new customizable smartwatch experience.

TAG Heuer was an early innovator in luxury smartwatches. In 2015, the company released the first TAG Heuer Connected which boasted a novel sales concept (see above article) and was shocked by the initial sales success. About a year later, the brand updated the TAG Heuer Connected and introduced the now very popular modular customization concept that allows for a large range of visual variety in each person’s own smartwatch — both in terms of on-screen software and the watch case and bracelet itself. Now in 2020, with TAG Heuer being run by a new team, the TAG Heuer Connected is back with a refreshed case, lots of new software, and one of the most compelling high-fashion “cool” connected timepiece experiences around.

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Each of the new TAG Heuer Connected watches will have a 45mm-wide case that is 13.5mm-thick and water resistant to 50 meters. The watch has a 430 mAh battery that is said to be good for “all day” with moderate use of all the features. In addition to the typical host of smartwatch features, the watch includes both GPS and an on-board heart rate monitor. Equipped with a Snapdragon Wear 3100 chipset, the TAG Heuer Connected runs the latest version of Google Wear OS as the smartwatch operating system.

Over the OLED touchscreen is a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, and the screen is designed to have an always-on feature so that it is never blank. TAG Heuer will produce a few versions of the 2020 TAG Heuer Connected watch, including versions with a titanium or steel case. There are metal and ceramic bezel options, as well as a steel bracelet and a variety of rubber straps. The case of the Connected has been redesigned for 2020 with new attractive pushers and other fine details that help the 2020 Connected watches appear distinctive.

TAG Heuer is particularly proud of the bespoke software that has been developed for the 2020 TAG Heuer Connected. A variety of apps for sports such as golf and other activities are pre-loaded on the device, and TAG Heuer has also developed a variety of analog and digital watch faces to be used on the TAG Heuer Connected, which users can select from. TAG Heuer wants to make especially sure that each TAG Heuer Connected consumer has the ability to highly personalize their wearing experience.

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The 2020 TAG Heuer Connected Smartwatch collection can be purchased now for a retail price between $1,800 – $2,350 USD. Learn more at the TAG Heuer website here.

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