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Thanks For 10,000,000 Views On aBlogtoWatch YouTube Channel

Thanks For 10,000,000 Views On aBlogtoWatch YouTube Channel Evolving ABTW

On behalf of the entire aBlogtoWatch team, we’d like to thank watch lovers around the world for viewing our videos on YouTube. aBlogtoWatch YouTube channel videos just passed their 10 millionth view across about 620 videos, and we have about 18,000 subscribers (at the time this article was written) who regularly watch our new videos.

aBlogtoWatch originally used YouTube as a place to host videos. We thought most people would see our videos as we embedded them in articles on aBlogtoWatch. What we’ve learned is that YouTube itself has introduced us to an entire new audience of people who enjoy our content and wait for new uploads.

We sometimes measure our audience by the number of people who visit this site alone, but we’ve realized, over the last two years, that aBlogtoWatch also has a lot of active participants on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. What is interesting is that a lot of the time, these sites have a totally different group of watch lovers that we interact with. It has been a challenge, albeit an enjoyable one, to share and produce additional content across a range of platforms. We love and are proud of our YouTube followers and their insightful, often funny, sometimes irreverent, and always plentiful comments.

Most aBlogtoWatch YouTube videos are hands-on reviews and demonstrations of the watches we check out for you from around the world. Sometimes we put up videos that watch brands send us as well. We also like to feature videos from as much of our team as possible, and will offer more in the future. I’d like to thank James Stacey, Paul Hubbard, and Max, among others for working on making the videos, and moving forward we’ll probably be able to put more time into the production of each. Though, when it comes down to it, each video is meant to be a faithful recording of what real watches are like in real life.

If you don’t follow the aBlogtoWatch YouTube channel, you may want to subscribe. We typically place videos there in advance of when we link to them on the aBlogtoWatch site, and some videos are going to be things you will only see on our YouTube channel. Thanks again to every one of you for the 10 million views.




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  • What no comments? Must be time for “Speculative Math”. Hmmm – maybe the 17,999 subscribers watched one video each and 1 subscriber watched 982,001 times (or an average of each video 1583+ times). 
    Anyway, congratulations Ariel and crew. I wonder how many ads have been served… (and clicked through).

  • Kris C

    You’re welcome. 

    Kidding! Congrats. Sometimes I forget just how long I’ve been coming here almost every day. Years. And you’re still growing, so you’re doing something right in a sea of internet wrong.

  • Damn, I remeber the first look of the blog–can you upload some old photos Ariel??? I actually liked the long scrolling page–none of this internet wizardry of today–just endless scrolling…
    I also remember the plans to start a podcast and now we’re into what…2000 episodes or something? I think the first episodes where recorded directly into a gramophone through a plastic cup on a string…My, how time flies…

  • JonnyD

    Many congratulations Ariel et al. That is some amount of watch love. Thanks for keeping us enthralled with beautiful timepieces and our family and friends annoyed at all our watch talk. Long may it continue……..