While there are a lot of “pilot” watches out there, this one particular design is something that everyone can agree on as being a “pilot” watch. It is one of the ‘original’ looks, and has fared very well over the years. Many (I mean many) companies have attempted to provide their own interpretation to the design, or additions to the look. Few have been able to improve on the look, and the countless iterations of the theme have remained constant. The benefits of this look is simplicity and legibility, which translates well on a petite watch, or a 55mm beast.

Archimede has been making pilot watches of this ilk for a while. The various models skewing the look in various manners, but now with the Pilot H, they have taken things back to the drawing board. The result is something totally stripped down; bearing what is arguably the essence of the genre. You have a brandless dial, with blued hands, and a sober black and white color scheme. Instead of the “historical” manual wound movement, I am very happy to see that Archimede inserted an automatic ETA 2824 movement in the Pilot H. While I appreciate a nice manually would movement with a see-through caseback window, I prefer the convenience of a automatic, and I simply don’t understand why more companies that make historic ‘looking’ watches use more practical movements.

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From the single button on each side of the strap, to the sand blasted case, the Archimede Pilot H watch is certainly nice. The crown is easy to operate, and the sapphire crystal on the front and back add to the longevity of the watch. Size is 42mm wide. Price is right as well at about $400-$450. One is available on eBay at the time of this writing.

See Archimede watches on eBay here.

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