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Dutch watchmaker Batavi is back with its latest creation, the Batavi Atelier. Renowned for its use of color and texture, including in its Geograaf and Architect models, the brand has once again achieved a compelling series of watches that is at once refined and edgy, with an intriguing dial design, novel time display, and a case that punches far above its weight. The Batavi Atelier is the fourth and latest watch from the brand, and it doesn’t disappoint—in fact, it may be Batavi’s best work yet.

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While the dials may be what first catches the eye on the Batavi Atelier watches, the case shared by all three versions is just as compelling. With an ideal 39mm diameter, the Atelier’s stainless steel case is sure to wear perfectly on almost any wrist, aided by its 46mm lug-to-lug and its sleek 11mm height. A flat sapphire glass gives the silhouette a more modern edge, but it’s the mid-case that truly defines this future classic. Flowing from the brushed lugs and polished bezel, the sides of the case eschew traditional finishing in favor of grained recesses, extending from end to end, with brushed borders. The aesthetic and quality of finishing instantly elevate the watch far above its microbrand peers, into a higher tier of watchmaking.

The Atelier is expertly paired with a meticulously crafted five-link bracelet that fits perfectly between the 20mm lugs. The rounded articulating links ensure the utmost comfort throughout the day, while a push-button folding clasp features six micro-adjustment positions for fine-tuning the sizing. In addition, Batavi will sell leather straps that allow you to personalize your Atelier which can be easily exchanged with the bracelet thanks to the quick-release pins on both. Altogether, the case and bracelet offer a sophisticated and stylish wrist presence with 100m of water resistance that’s ready for almost any occasion.

Perhaps most alluring is the captivating dial of the Batavi Atelier. Inspired by the sea and evoking both fish scales and the waves of the undulating surface, the three-dimensional dial is intricately etched, adding depth and character and setting it apart from the flat mundanity of other dress watches. Offered in purple, blue, or gray, the dials are remarkably engaging, providing a beautiful visual each time the wearer glances at his or her wrist. With something this mesmerizing, the challenge will likely be trying to look anywhere else.

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Batavi recognized that the unique dial was something that should be left untouched, and a novel approach was taken for the hours. Instead of printing or applying them to the artistic dial, the Arabic numerals are printed on the sapphire crystal’s underside, providing further depth and the impression of floating indices. The hands, too, have been designed to maximize the effect of the dial, with a fluid form that tapers to a point with lume-filled ends and partially skeletonized bodies that minimize disruption to the dial. For the keener eyes, Batavi has taken care to include a seconds hand without ruining the balance and clarity of the dial: Mounted centrally, a small disc with a subtle point rotates to indicate the seconds and, just as usefully, let you know the watch is still running.

That said, it’s unlikely you’ll encounter many issues with timekeeping with the Batavi Atelier. The watch is equipped with the Japanese automatic Miyota 9039 mocement. Recognized for its serviceability and reliability, the Miyota 9039 has a 42-hour power reserve at 28,800 vph for a smooth rotation of the seconds disc and nearly two days of uninterrupted timekeeping. The movement features 24 jewels, hand-winding, and hacking, allowing for precise setting so you can ensure you’re always right on time.

Walking the line between unique design and palatable aesthetics is a delicate act that Batavi has once again shown it can handle. The brand has managed to craft a collection of timepieces that finds the intersection of sporty design and elegant wearability, with a textured, geometric dial that is both forward-thinking and classic, and a case that is sure to sit effortlessly on the wrist and keep its owner looking and feeling good. Incredibly, the Batavi Atelier is priced at just 579 EUR, making it not just a great watch but also a great deal. Even better, pre-order pricing will start at €399 during the first hour, then €419 the rest of the first day, increasing €20 each day for the first three days before settling at €479 until delivery begins at the start of October. The Batavi Atelier is available directly from the brand and ships in a customized leather-wrapped watch case. For more information, please visit the brand’s website

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