It’s has been a month of heavy-hitter interviews on aBlogtoWatch’s SUPERLATIVE Podcast series as we continue to explore the personalities behind the watch collecting hobby we all enjoy. New episodes drop each week on Mondays, and you can subscribe here on the BLEAV Network, here on Apple Podcasts, or wherever you prefer to get your podcasts. During the last month, we published a number of interviews with CEOs from some of the watch industry’s most important brands. The men and women who manage today’s major names in timekeeping have such an important impact on the products that are released and the personality of the brands, and what they say is always revealing.

Focusing on entry-level, middle, and very high-end brands, we feature SUPERLATIVE Podcast interviews with Mr. Sylvain Dolla (CEO of Tissot), Mr. Christopher Grainger (CEO of IWC), and Guido Terreni (CEO of Parmigiani). It is remarkable to hear both how these personalities are different and also share many important characteristics. Thanks to them and other watch brand CEOs who will make future appearances on the SUPERLATIVE Podcast.

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We also had a fun conversation with fellow watch enthusiast and Internet media figure Matt Farah, founder of The Smoking Tire. We had fun comparing watches and cars and discussing the timepiece appreciation culture here in Southern California.

Enjoy these recent SUPERLATIVE podcasts, and please subscribe where you get your podcasts to keep up to date on the latest in watch enthusiast community conversations.

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