Citizen Campanola watches on eBayI know what you are thinking. With all these CItizen Campanola watches that I keep talking about, how could they be as rare as I say they are? Well they are rare, but great ones seem to be showing up alot lately. So lets be fortunate for that. If it was November, I would say it is a harvest/Thanksgiving treat.

So after all is said about Citizen Campanola watches, this Grand Complication is by far my favorite version. I of course have one, which I reviewed here lovingly. The Citizen Campanola Grand Complication ref. AH4000-01X is the finest example of what Citizen can produce in terms of case beauty, and fit and finish. There is little I can reiterate here that I have not expressed in my reivew of the watch, which I encourage you to read.

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On eBay right now, is a brand new Citizen Campanola Grand Complication in my favorite flavor. With the comfortable brown alligator strap, hand polished case, and hand painted Japanese rosewood dial. No watch I own gets complimented more often. And I have never had a luxury watch that is so legible, with so many functions, and so elegant to look at. The auction price starts are under $1,400, which is great for a watch that retails for between $2,500 – $3,000.

The seller is actually the same one that I purchased my Citizen Campanola Grand Complication from, and the transaction went very smoothly. So you can be sure that you’ll get a perfect watch. The lasting elegance of this watch is impressive. What I really cannot wait for is seeing another person who also has this watch and sharing the experience. That will be something special.

See Citizen Campanola watches on eBay.

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See Citizen Campanola watches on Amazon here.

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