Thomas Prescher Triple Axis Tourbillon Regulator Sport watch

When was the last time you tied up your tennis shoes, got up to go outside to do something ‘sporty,’ and strapped on almost $500,000 dollar watch? If this is a common occurrence, Thomas Prescher’s Triple Axis Tourbillon Regulator Sport watches are right for you. (Thomas Prescher would like to remind you that this is a sport “looking” watch, and not intended for actually sporting activity) What is sporty about the new watch? Aside from the bolder hands and color schemes and new regulator layout, there is the added sense of purpose to your life knowing that you out to get out and do something with your sport toned timepiece.

Each Thomas Prescher watch can be customer customized — or you can just let Thomas do it his work and make you something nice. The 43mm wide case of the Triple Axis Tourbillon Sport can be ordered in 18k gold of 950 platinum. The dial has all gold or applied markers and hands. The watch is pretty thick at 16.5mm, but you have to appreciate the complex internal mechanics involved in this watch as part of the Caliber TP 3W6A.3 movement. The tourbillion window is completely clear through to the other side of the watch. All you see is the triple axis tourbillion. The first Axis is that the entire tourbillion spins around where it is connected. This ring spins and where it hits the red indicator arrow, is the minute read out. The second and third axis points of the tourbillion are that it spins vertically and horizontally in a little cage as it is attached via the rod to the rest of the watch. Then, because this watch is a regulator, the hour indicator uses a different dial, and still a different dial is used for the seconds. Pretty nifty, and the way that the dials overlaps is tasteful.

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I have to say that I’ve never see such bold looking indicator hands on a watch like this, and that is a good thing. Sport these days doesn’t necessarily mean that you are playing basketball with it, but rather that it suggests function and performance. Even though this is a “sport” watch, the movement is highly decorated by hand, which makes for beautiful visuals through the back of the watch. Nothing quite makes you feel more impressed with yourself that walking around with a hand-built and decorated watch and movement that took longer than the average house to construct.

Thomas Prescher Triple Axis Tourbillon Regulator Sport black watch

Check out the video and article here of the non sport, non regulator version of this amazing timepiece.

Special features

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· Flying tourbillon construction on three axes
· Movement, Caliber TP 3W6A.3, designed and constructed in-house
· First triple axis tourbillon wristwatch with constant force mechanism in the carriage
· Tourbillon is secured in a specially designed flexible spring to absorb shocks

Movement Information:
Diameter 37 mm
Height 6.46 mm
Number of components 327
Weight of smallest screw used 0.0009 grams
Number of jewels 47
Frequency 21,600 beats per hour (3 Hz)
Number of spring barrels two
Plates and bridges gold-plated brass, hand-engraved with Guilloché Triangulair
Balance wheel copper-beryllium CuBe2
Balance spring flat hairspring
Power reserve 40 hours
Number of subdials two
Functions hours, minutes, seconds

Number of axes: three
Height of tourbillon rotation 12.2 mm
Revolution time: one minute
Constant force mechanism on first axis in tourbillon cage
System of constant force, inertia acceleration according to Jaenneret
Constant force reloading 6 times per second
Diameter of balance wheel 9.5 mm
Diameter of cage 13.4 mm
Tourbillon weight first axis 0.347 grams
Weight of first and second axes 0.766 grams
Weight of first, second, and third axes with ball bearing 2.879 grams, Constant force mechanim

Case details:
Case platinum 950 or 18-karat gold
Crystal convex sapphire crystal on front and back, anti-reflective on both
sides, hand-engraved with individual number
Diameter 43 mm
1.2 mm solid silver, hand guilloché with Guilloché Triangulair
18-karat gold applied indexes
18-karat gold dauphine-style hands
18-karat gold hand-engraved name and number plate
Height 16.1 mm
Water resistance 1 ATM (10 meters)
Strap hand-cut and —sewn black alligator skin uppers and lowers
Buckle platinum 950 or 18-karat gold

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