Your legacy. It’s more than what happens to you after you die. It is what the world remembers about you and the lasting value of your wisdom and achievements. In a rapidly changing world where new opportunities clash with traditional practices, where will you truly rest in remembered peace? Are you prepared for the Timestone solution? A growing number of your peers have probably already signed up.

Timestone was born out of a desire to provide a more practical, if not entirely satisfying, solution to your final resting place and enduring legacy. Timestone is a watch, but it is also much more than that. It is a vessel that contains elements of your final remains, a dedication to your life, your values, and a window into your greater legacy for those who will cherish your memory. Timestone seeks to capture much of the experience of a traditional grave and tombstone but with far more sustainability and portability in mind. Timestone watches can even be produced posthumously, as a traveling memory of your loved ones.

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Consider that traditional graves come with at least two major drawbacks. One is that global space for grave plots is decreasing. Plots are expensive for their size, and the land used for traditional graves is also increasingly being repurposed for other uses, such as residential buildings. Finding an available gravesite and ensuring that it will remain undisturbed long-term has never been less assured. Then, there is the problem of visibility. Who is going to visit your grave and, therefore, remember you? Unless loved ones make a special trip to a gravesite, the memory and legacy mentioned on your tombstone will likely be lost and forgotten. There is a better way. The Timestone way.

Timestone Watches combines the enduring value of a classic wearable accessory with your personal memory and legacy. Your heirs will get a tasteful timepiece that they can wear or cherish at home in perpetuity. The Timestone watch imbued with your memory can be further passed down to generations who will have the chance to know who you were and why you mattered. How will you be connected forever to your Timestone watch? Two ways.

Timestone watch dials and cases function like advanced, wearable tombstones. Fully bespoke to your preferences, needs, and lifestyle, Timestone Watches have dials with messages and images that celebrate you or your loved one. Options range from dials with traditional text engraved into natural stone or metal to elaborate miniature fresco paintings that can capture your likeness and scenes from your life. There is more to a memory than just a few lines of text. On the rear of each Timestone Watch is a unique permanent code linked to a digital profile featuring the history and accomplishments of you or a loved one. Anyone now or in the future can visit the Timestone Watch digital database to access written documents, view videos and photographs, and even upload their own memories and media related to your or a loved one’s enduring legacy, which can be shared with friends and family long into the future. The Timestone Watch experience is more than a wearable tombstone, it’s a permanent gateway to the enduring value of someone’s life and meaning.

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A Timestone watch is also designed to hold a part of you or a loved one forever. Depending on budgets and tastes, each Timestone watch incorporates a stone set into the crown (often known as a cabochon in wristwatch parlance). Timestone’s most economical models include a black-colored compressed carbon stone made from cremation ash. Most models however feature a diamond cabochon. Not just any diamond, but diamonds synthetically produced (in traditional clear or other available gem colors) using authentic carbon remains. The ash material is directly used in the crystal growing process, which requires several months to complete. The resulting stone is then cut and finished to your exact specifications before being set into that part of the watch that you or a wearer will interact with the most. It is a lasting and physical connection to memories and enduring legacy. Timestone Watches are a piece of you as much as they are a reminder of you, providing the ultimate way for your heirs to keep you close to the family home and themselves.

The components of Timestone Watches are produced by some of the world’s finest suppliers, and your unique Timestone watch will be assembled with dignity and care by trained specialists in Switzerland. You can choose to personally design the Timestone watch that will remember you, or you can opt to allow your family to decide how they want to remember you in a beautiful, wearable form. Timestone Watches Packages vary widely from affordable basic timepieces to elaborate luxuries fit for royal expectations. Complete customization services are only limited by budget and imagination, but most Timestone Watches are designed with regular accomplished families in mind.

Plan now for eternity. Ensure that your legacy is in good hands so that it can be on important wrists. By signing an agreement with Timestone Watches, its professionals can act immediately once your essence is ready for a new vessel. The sustainable, smart, and stylish solution for your enduring impact on this world is a Timestone Watch made especially to honor you. Learn more here, and act now… time is always running out.

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