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Wow, these are pretty wild I have to say. From the odd and rare Tiret New York watch company comes the Gotham collection of watches. Here are the Chronograph and Power reserve models, and I hear there is a GMT version as well. Based on Batman’s version of New York, the Gotham is a mixture of square modernism, art deco, and sheer horological goodness. I would wear the thing for sheer novelty value.

These are not brand new watches, nor are they cheap watches. Lots of white gold (or other golds) and other fine materials (steel, ceramic, natural rubber, optional oodles of precious gems) make up the Gotham watches, and probably a lot of prissy attitudes and luxury margins. But who cares, you’ll probably never even see ones of these watches in the flesh. The only places I am aware they are sold is in places like Dubai and Burjuman. Where cost is of little issue to some people. The name of the brand is Tired New York – not sure what the connection to New York is – oh well.

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Would Batman wear this watch? Maybe while polishing up the Batmobile. Not really something for Bruce Wayne to be seen in on more pedestrian outings. I heard Tiret say something interesting about the watches. They don’t want someone thinking about wanting to buy the watch. They would prefer someone get it on an impulse. Wow, way to stand by the “lasting value” of your products. Guess I’ll find one of these while waiting to checkout at the super market. “I’ve been wanting one of these…”

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The movements are Swiss ETA mechanical automatics. I promise you the watches are going to be more expensive than they are worth. Inside is a ETA 2897 movement for the power reserve model, and a Valjoux 7750 for the chronograph. Another ETA 28XX series for the GMT model I am sure. Nothing wrong with this movements at all, but I have a feeling this watch is gonna have a price tag of over $50,000, maybe way over. Which makes it not very nice to put in a watch you can get in a $2,000 or less watch.

If you look on the strap you see the signature Tiret “T,” which looks pretty nice. The boxy technical look of the watch overall is quite nice. I like all the different edge angles. This is meant to enhance reflected light (shine), and stimulate visual interest, but it is a gamble when it comes to aesthetics. Though the watches are avant garde, the dials aren’t hard to read, and I applaud them on that. Under the sapphire crystal are a series of applied pieces on the face – making it look rich and deep. I really enjoy looking at the many details.

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The watches are limited to 300 pieces. Not sure if that is overall or for each model. It is hard to hate these Tired Gotham watches, but probably ease to suggest you’d never wear that. I can appreciate that. Still, you can’t deny the ballsy attitude of the design, and how the watch really doesn’t beat around the bush with what it is. You love it, you hate it, or you just admire it from afar. Whatever the case, the Gotham and the rest of the Tiret watch model crowd will be sitting around drinking martini’s regardless of your opinion.

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