Tissot T-Navigator Automatic & Chronograph Watches Hands-On

Tissot T-Navigator Automatic & Chronograph Watches Hands-On

Tissot T-Navigator Automatic & Chronograph Watches Hands-On Hands-On

Tissot offers up a new T-Navigator watch for 2011 and it is a very desirable collection of timepieces. Relatively affordable and good looking, this range is going to find itself on a lot of wrists. The first thing that I noticed, aside from the aviator style dial, is the amount of detail that went into the case. Most aviator watches have rather blase, ho-hum cases that aren't very exciting. Offering a more technical and modern interpretation of the classic aviator, Tissot ensures that the cases themselves are as interesting as the dials.

Whether or not you like the cases is a matter of taste, but the crisp cut lines and alternating finishes is interesting. The crown and chronograph pusher designs aren't bad either. Coming in two versions, the cases are 43mm wide in steel. Tissot gives these T-Navigators rotating navigational bezels - the style of which is good, but I would have preferred 60 minute dive-style counters as I find those to be more useful. The bezels are well-designed and in black PVD coated steel.

Tissot T-Navigator Automatic & Chronograph Watches Hands-On Hands-On

Each of the models will be available with black and white or black and orange dials. Choosing one is going to be a hard choice. The orange is more bold and fun while the white is better as a daily wear. An interesting design feature on the back of the watch showcases a turbine style exhibition caseback allowing you to see the automatic rotor between the blades. The effect is cool and it is impossible to not compare it with Perrelet's Turbine collection of watches.

Tissot T-Navigator Automatic & Chronograph Watches Hands-On Hands-On

Tissot T-Navigator Automatic & Chronograph Watches Hands-On Hands-On

The Swatch Group is all hot and bothered for their still new ETA caliber C01.211 automatic chronograph movement. Designed on a Lemania 5100 base and positioned as a more entry level Valjoux 7750, the C01.211 is a 6 hour chronograph with 45 hours of power reserve. These movements are being heavily featured in higher-end Swatch pieces and well as a lot of Tissot watches. The new Seastar 1000 Chronograph for this year also has one. The design of the T-Navigator Chronograph dial is interesting, though not everyone loves it. Aside from the standard subdials, there are black on black lines that burst out from where the hands are placed in the subdials. Not a necessary feature, but Tissot designers were trying to spice things up a bit.

Tissot T-Navigator Automatic & Chronograph Watches Hands-On Hands-On

Tissot T-Navigator Automatic & Chronograph Watches Hands-On Hands-On

Over on the Tissot T-Navigator Automatic, things are much cleaner on the dial. Here, Tissot uses an ETA 2836 automatic movement with the time, day and date. This is really my favorite version of the T-Navigator even if the hands are a tad short. Further, while very legible, it would have been sweet to see the tone of the day and date discs in black with white or orange text.

Tissot offers the T-Navigator watches on either steel bracelets or rubber straps. The rubber straps have folding metal clasps and are neatly integrated into the case. The bracelets, however, are beautifully designed and I highly recommend it if you get one of these watches. Not totally sure if you can get the bracelet on the Automatic models, they may only be available on the Chronograph. Prices for the 2011 Tissot T-Navigator collection are $895 for the T-Navigator Automatic and from $1095 - $1150 for the T-Navigator Chronograph.

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  • Pete

    They should sack the amateur who designed the dial on the auto – who puts a white day/date through a bright orange number? – stupid.

    • Chris

      Sure the date is a travesty, but don’t neglect the awfulness of the bezel that looks really cheap.

      Too bad. I really like the crown and case. In the end though, it really feels like it was designed by a committee.

  • kris c

    Interesting. I think these look better than the new Seastars, and they aren’t hugemongous either. The Chrono model here looks much more thought out, with matching date wheels, and a nicely detailled dial that has hour markers in the chrono wheels – nice touch. That is a very nice looking bracelet, I’ll have to try one on soon.
    I wouldn;t say the Auto model is a failure, but the navigation bezel looks out of place on that one espcially. They kinda look like Vintage B&R made an illegitimate baby with Seiko Spork after a sloppy drunk night at the bar.

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  • Ulysses

    These watches look like a mish-mash of several different styles, as if they were involved in a Seth Brundel-arranged telepod accident. Apart from the silly day-date discs being in white, those compass rings just look really out of place in what might otherwise be nice-looking watches. Looks like the case backs were borrowed from Perrelet.

  • Will

    The C01.211 seems to be jacking up the price of the 7750. I said this about th Seastar, for $1200 I want a 7750.

    Also, the caseback is cool and despite the fact that the C01.211 is rather boring (unfinished) movement, I’d like to see more of it.

  • Dangeruss

    I don’t own any Tissot watches. Largely because there’s always one or seven design elements that make my wonder what the heck they were thinking. These examples typify that trying too hard to be cool appearance. The montage of disjointed elements and downright poor choices (white day/date wheel – navigation bezel), “me too” (over)styling and the poor value -vs- price, makes me walk away shaking my head.

    I rarely see them on wrists or attracting buyer attention at the AD. I can’t be the only one who finds their designs off-putting.

    • kris c

      You are Russ. The rest of us have all had the kool-aid.

      I do own a Tissot: a black-faced Le Locle. A simple, well thought out dress watch with 3-hand display and matching date wheel on an attractive textured dial. Completely outside of everything else they seem to make now, for some very odd reason. I’ve had it for years and it tells time on a very tight budget – still only off by a few seconds a day and its never been adjusted.

      Then along came T-Touch, Nicky Hayden, and the ugly stick. Shame.

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  • Jeff Day

    Owning 2 Tissots watches I have to say I kind of agree with Pete but it’s not that offensive. The black bezel could be compared with the Luminox in design but after all it’s a Tissot. My 7 year old Seastar is a quartz which was prior to the ETA auto model available today but really took a beating and has held up nicely. Still love my PRS516 auto but rarely wear it as it does not have a screw down crown and the nice leather strap holds too much dust as I build furniture for a living. I can’t wait till this featured piece is available to actually see and hold.

  • Ashok Verma

    We have an old “Tissot Watch Automatic 7” [Day & date] about 45 years old,Golden color,
    leather strap, in very good condition,
    Want to know the value of this watch ?

  • Veiler

    Can Anyone send me a picture from the clasp of this watch?????
    Becouse I want to oreder the T062.430.11.057.00 model, and I just can’t find any picture from the claps of this watch.

    I also interested for the rubber and the Stainless Steel band. Thank you in advanced.
    My mail is rtv958 @ freemail dot hu

  • NLM983


    Why can’t you make a picture from the clasps????

    • I’ll get on that next time.

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