Tissot Racing-Touch Watch For 2011

Tissot Racing-Touch Watch For 2011

Tissot Racing-Touch Watch For 2011 Watch Releases

For the last few years we have gotten a new Tissot T-Touch style watch each year. Last year it was the Tissot Sailing-Touch, and for 2011 it will be the Racing-Touch (Racing T-Touch). Here is a sneak peak as what Tissot's new T-Touch model will be all about.

Like the T-Touch Trekking, the Racing-Touch seems to be thinner in size, but I am not sure how wide (UPDATE: 43mm in steel for now). For the first time the T-Touch gets a rotating dive style bezel as opposed to a navigational style bezel. The touch-screen Swiss ETA quartz movement gets a few new features. One of them (not new) is oddly not "racing inspired" being a Tide graph. This seems to replace the "Meteo" function that was a weather predictor using the barometric pressure. If the watch is about track racing, I am not sure how the Tide function fits in, but is nevertheless cool. The Tide function was first seen on the Sailing-Touch watch.

Tissot Racing-Touch Watch For 2011 Watch Releases

Tissot Racing-Touch Watch For 2011 Watch Releases

The watch also feature a "Lap" function which seems to supplement the Chronograph (that is now placed at 3 o'clock). The functions seem to be an evolution on those that debuted in the Sailing-Touch, but now meant for racing duty. Notice how the LCD screen part of the dial is totally curved on the bottom - making for a nice look. The dial and case look very handsome. While I still feel the hands are too short, they are very easy to see, and I love the bright orange hands on the top version.

What you see here are one of the men's models, and the women's model with a mother-of-pearl dial. I anticipate the cases to be offered in titanium, as well as the pictured steel. If we are lucky we will also see a new metal bracelet in addition to the rubber straps (UPDATE: there will be a metal bracelet). Another good looking first for this collection is the use of a negative LCD screen for the men's model that is black with lighter text. It looks really sharp with the black colored dial. Water resistance is said to be 100 meters - a good sign for those worried about the water resistance issue that plagued early Tissot T-Touch models. Look out for more information on the Tissot Racing-Touch watch in March 2011.

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  • Vinnie

    As much as I like Tissot, I’ve never been a big fan of their T-Touch watches. There’s something about the combined digital/analog look that doesn’t sit too well.

    • weatherman

      I agree. It cheapens it. Tissot makes some other fine looking watches, but this isn’t one of them. It’s a shame too, since there aren’t many watches that offer ABC functionality with a tide function too. I’d prefer if they could do something in all-mechanical display, like Timex does with some of its outdoor watches.

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  • I’m not keen on the orange strap in particular-I agree with Weatherman- I think it cheapens the look!

    • That Racing-Touch will be available in other styles as well. The Orange is just one of the “teaser shots.”

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  • Chris Morley

    Having been the frustrated owner of a now terminal touch watch.
    Nothing but trouble, poor quality, diabolical customer service, Do yourself a favour , save and get a quality timepiece, or donate the money to charity straight away and rid yourself of the frustation this watch will give you. They look great no doubt and as a fashion item
    are good, but a reliable watch, it surely is not

  • Anthony

    I have owned a T-Touch watch now for 6 years….quite happy with it. Bought it in Japan, blue leather band with blue face (which made it difficult to get a replacement band)…nice looking watch and I’ve been lucky enough to never have problems with it.

    I am interested in the Racing Touch…but not enough to advance order…I’m glad they are finally offering back lighting.

  • Ferr

    the hour pointer does not show the right time. the minute pointer works well. i have synchronized already but within a couple of hours the hour pointer is too slow. is it a sign to change batterie? (i bought the watch 3 weeks ago. so it is brand new)

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