What you get in exchange is a large, easy to see dial with great legibility. Even though the hands are short, there is a high-level of contrast with the dial, which makes the Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar quite legible. For 2015, you can see a few images of the slightly revised dial of the Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar where Tissot adds a red arrow to the end of the minute hand. You also get more matte two-tone dials, as opposed to the carbon fiber style look of the exposed photovoltaic cell of the first crop of Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar models that come with a bluish or black dial color. I happen to like the original look with the technical looking dial and monochromatic color scheme.

Tissot-T-Touch-Expert-Solar-9 Tissot-T-Touch-Expert-Solar-T091-420-46-041-00-GL

I, personally, prefer all T-Touch watches on a bracelet, because I think they look the most handsome that way. However, for the snuggest fit, you’ll probably want to go with the rubber or fabric strap option. The titanium bracelet is handsome, but it doesn’t quite have the precise micro-adjust elements that I like to see. On my wrist, it fits quite nicely (thankfully, it is all rather light), but people looking for the most secure fit possible will likely want to go with the strap option.

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In terms of durability, the Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar’s case comes with 100 meters of water resistance. This offers a solid level of reliability, allowing you to do most things with the watch in addition to basic swimming. In the dark, you can see the well-lumed hands and hour markers, and the LCD screen also has a cool looking blue-colored blacklight feature.

Tissot-T-Touch-Expert-Solar-17 Tissot-T-Touch-Expert-Solar-T091-420-44-081-00

This particular Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar is the ref. T0914204404100 and comes with the slightly blue dial and full titanium case and bracelet. It is my favorite option. If you want a totally black dial, there is another model that also happens to have a black-colored bezel. You’ll also find a model with orange accents and an orange bracelet, as well as additional options depending on your tastes. In a few months, we will see the full assortment of 2015 additions Tissot has in mind for the Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar collection that will add some additional color and style choices.


The ref. T0914204404100 Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar tops out the current collection with a price of $1,250. You can spend $100 less for the strap options, but I recommend going with the bracelet and then adding a strap later if you so choose. A $100 premium for a titanium bracelet is very inexpensive. Overall, while I wish the case was a bit smaller, I really love the new Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar and don’t find myself looking longingly at any of the older T-Touch models. tissotshop.com

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Necessary Data
>Brand: Tissot
>Model: T-Touch Expert Solar
>Price: $1,150 – $1,250
>Size: 45mm
>Would reviewer personally wear it: Yes
>Friend we’d recommend it to first: People who love Tissot’s long-standing T-Touch collection and have been waiting patiently for a light-powered model.
>Best characteristic of watch: Movement is an amazing performer and watch functions continue to be useful. Style and functional grace that the Japanese can’t match even if they offer similar functionality.
>Worst characteristic of watch: Case is quite large – too large for some people’s taste. Hands continue to appear short for dial size.

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